Top 10 Fun Sleepover Games For Teens To Play

Are you planning to arrange a great slumber party for your teenager? Or does your teen girl or boy want to arrange the sleepover party to surprise their friends? A teenager’s sleepover party with fun filled games and activities is the best slumber party. Read on to know the best ideas on sleepover parties for teens.

Fun Sleepover Party Games For Teens:

Here are some interesting and fun slumber party games and activities for teenagers. You teen boy or girl will love playing these games.

1) Indoor Camping Games:

Plan a perfect indoor camping slumber party for your teenager. Let’s see how to play this:

  • All of you sit in a circle around the table. Everyone holds a cup in their hand.
  • All should start clapping on their cup at the same rhythm or sing the same song and should pass the cup to the next one at the same time and should receive the cup from another member.
  • Continue doing the same and slowly speedup the game.
  • Whoever messes up with the game, does not either pass or receive the cup, will out from the game.
  • Play until one person wins the game. 

2) Truth or Dare Questions:

Truth or dare sleepover party game is well known among teens. It does not require much preparations or expensive materials. 

  • First select a few best questions to ask your teen friends. 
  • Select one person and let that person choose whether to go for truth or dare. 
  • But make sure that you are playing this game to have fun.
  • Do not give a dare that can be dangerous.

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3) Name That Tune Game:

One of the interesting games to play. 

  • One person from the group selects a song. 
  • And that person will start humming it from the middle of the song or play the music without lyrics.
  • Other members should guess the song with correct lyrics.

4) Pillowcase Invitation Game:

You will have fun before you start the game. 

  • Invite your teenage friends and send a pillow to everyone.
  • Ask everyone to design about a theme on the pillow.
  • Once they come, select the best one and make them as leads for the rest of the games.

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5) Unicorn Eye Mask Game:

A great fun game for teenagers.

  • 2 to 40 members can participate in the game.
  • Let each person in the game wear the eye mask and stand in front of the board.
  • And try to get that person tail to the closest to the unicorn mouth.

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6) Spa Stuff Game:

Teenage Girls might love this sleepover game.

  • First, everyone should form as a team and each team should have two members.
  • One person will be doing the makeup to the other partner.
  • Finally, whoever makes the other person beautiful, that person is the winner.

7) Decorations Activities:

Another great slumber party game for teenagers. Both teen boys and girls will love this game.

  • Keep the decoration items ready. 
  • There can be different themes. 
  • All teens should be divided into different teams.
  • Each team will be given a place to decorate, it can wall, floor, bed, table, sofa etc.
  • Given things should be decorated in the finest way.
  • Get it judged by your parents or any other who is not participating in this game.
  • Ask that person to select the finalist.

8) Emoji Bingo Game:

  • A fun and silly slumber party game that teenagers will love to play.
  • Give each team member a white sheet, and ask them to draw their set of Emoji Bingo cards.

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9) Talent Show Activities:

An interesting sleepover party game for both teen boys and teen girls.

  • Arrange a talent show program. 
  • First write different activities in papers and roll them. Keep them in a box.
  • One person will come and take one chit.
  • Whatever is written in that chit, that activity to be performed.

10) Cooking Show:

A slumber game with lots of fun.

  • Ask everyone to tell how to make a recipe or ask them to cook.
  • If they are explaining the way they cook. Everyone in the team should understand how to cook that recipe.
  • Whoever is able to explain a variety recipe with simple steps, that person is the winner.

Hope you love these sleepover party games for teenagers. If you have more games and activities to play, share with us!