11 Electrical Safety Rules – How To Keep Your Children Safe from Electricity

Kids love to play with gadgets, so it’s important that they learn how to safely handle electrical devices. This includes learning how to turn off power supplies, and knowing where outlets are located.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has developed guidelines that parents should follow when installing electrical outlets in children’s rooms. These include keeping all cords away from furniture and other objects, using only approved plugs, and making sure outlets are installed at least 18 inches above the floor.

Important Electrical Safety Rules For Kids:

Never leave children unattended around power tools or appliances

If you’re planning on doing any home improvement projects, make sure you keep an eye on kids while you work. It’s easy to forget that they might wander into dangerous areas, such as near power tools. Make sure you teach them how to properly operate these tools before you start any project.

Always unplug toys before putting them away

Unplugging electrical devices is one of the easiest ways to prevent children from getting hurt by electric shock. This includes toys, lamps, and other small items. You should also unplug appliances when not using them.

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Don’t let kids play with matches or lighters

It’s easy to forget that kids aren’t as mature as adults. They’re still learning how to handle dangerous situations, so make sure they understand what to do before letting them near anything that might cause an injury.

Always turn off appliances before leaving home

If you leave an appliance plugged into a wall outlet while you leave the house, you could end up with a dangerous electric shock. This is especially true if you forget to turn off appliances before leaving home.

Teach kids about electricity by showing them what it does

Show kids how electricity works by explaining how it moves through wires and circuits. Explain that electricity travels at high speeds, so keep children away from electrical outlets and cords. Also explain that electricity can travel through water pipes, so never put hands or feet into a sink or tub filled with water.

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Stay away from transformers

On transformers, never play. Transformers with underground pad mounts should be prominently marked with a warning label. Teach children not to play with or climb on these boxes.

Do not touch live wires

Never touch live wires. Even if you think you see something hot, do not approach it. Instead, call 911 immediately.

Never leave kids alone with electrical equipment

If you see an outlet or cord plugged into a wall socket, turn off the power immediately. This will prevent electric shock. Keep children away from electrical outlets, especially those near water.

Do not try to climb trees near power lines

Avoid climbing trees close to electricity lines. Branch contact with the cables could ignite the tree. Even branches that are close to power lines but are not touching them may become hazardous in strong winds or if a child is added to their weight.

Be careful when using lights

If you use lights, make sure they are turned off when you leave the room. Also, never put anything metal near an outlet. This includes toys, jewelry, and even hair clips.

Always unplug appliances when they’re not being used

It’s also important to teach children how to turn off appliances safely. Teach them to pull the plug out of the wall before turning off the appliance. Make sure they understand what happens when they do this.

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How to teach children about electricity safely?

Kids should learn to use an outlet properly by following these steps:
1) Pull the plug out of the socket
2) Turn off the switch always
3) Wait at least 30 seconds after removing the plug
4) Do not touch any metal parts while the power is still on
5) Touch only plastic parts
6) Keep all metal objects out of toasters
7) Never put the fingers into a plug socket
8) Stay away from power stations
9) Never fly kites near the power stations
10) Do not buy any fake chargers

Early instruction in electrical safety may ensure that kids understand exactly what to do in a crisis and what to do to stop others from doing it as well. This is a terrific resource to print off and keep on hand as a convenient reminder for your kids to learn from if you’re a parent seeking to impart some important safety information for them.


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