15 Most Important Fire Safety Rules And Tips For Kids

Fire safety rules for kids are important because they help keep children safe from fires. Fire safety rules and tips for children are important because they help prevent fires from starting. Read on for some helpful tips on how to keep kids safe from fires.

Fire Safety Rules For Kids

Here are some important rules for keeping your children safe from fires.

Know where the fire extinguisher is located.

In case of a fire, make sure everyone knows where the fire extinguishers are located. If there isn’t one near you, ask your parents or guardian to buy one for you. Make sure you know what type of fire extinguisher you need and how to use it.

Have an escape plan.

A fire drill should be practiced at least once every year. It’s also a good idea to practice with your family members so you know who will take care of each other during a real emergency.

Don’t play with matches or lighters.

If you do find yourself playing with matches or lighters, make sure you put them out immediately. Also, never leave children unattended near any open flame.

Never leave candles burning unattended.

Candles are an easy source of fire, especially when left unattended. Make sure you keep candles away from anything flammable, such as curtains, furniture, or clothing. Keep candles at least three feet away from other objects, and never place them on top of anything.

Be careful around fireworks.

If you see a spark or hear a loud noise, immediately extinguish the candle by covering it with something nonflammable, such as a dish towel. Don’t use water because it will cause the candle to explode. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

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Have a working smoke alarm in every room.

If you do not have a working smoke alarm in each room, consider installing one. It will help protect your family from fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Know how to get out of a building safely.

In case of an emergency, such as a fire, know where the exits are located and what actions to take. Make sure everyone knows where the nearest exit is and how to use it. Also, make sure everyone has a plan for getting out of the building.

Know where the exits are.

Children need to understand that fires are dangerous and must never be played with. They also need to know how to escape a fire safely. Teach them the exit points so that they can escape easily.

Stay away from candles or matches.

There are many ways to prevent fires in the home. Here are some simple things you can do to make sure your house stays warm and dry during winter months:
• Keep flammable materials such as paper, wood, and cloth away from heat sources.
• Make sure electrical cords are properly grounded.
• Never leave a light switch turned on when you leave the room.

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Don’t leave children unattended near heaters or stoves.

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Know what causes fires.

Fire prevention starts with knowing what causes fires. There are three main reasons why people start fires: accidents, arson, and carelessness. Accidents happen when something catches fire accidentally. Arson happens when someone intentionally sets a fire. Carelessness happens when people do not pay attention to where they are putting things.

Know the Fire Danger Level.

Knowing the fire danger level helps you understand how dangerous a fire might be. You can find out by looking at the weather forecast. If the temperature is above 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 Celsius), then the fire danger level is high. If the temperature is below freezing, then the fire danger level will be low.

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Have an Emergency Plan.

It’s important to have an emergency plan for when a fire occurs. This includes knowing where everyone in your home is located, what to do if smoke alarms go off, and what to do if the power goes out. Make sure everyone knows what to do during an emergency.

Be Prepared with Supplies.

If you need to evacuate your house quickly, make sure you have enough supplies to last at least three days. You should also keep a first aid kit handy, as well as extra blankets, flashlights, batteries, and other items.

Teach Kids About Safety.

Fireworks are dangerous because they contain chemicals that can cause serious injury or even death. It’s important to teach kids how to stay away from fireworks when they’re young so they won’t accidentally start a fire.

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Important Fire Safety Tips For Kids:

If there is a fire, stay calm and follow these steps:
1) Get out of the building immediately.
2) Call 911.
3) Stay with others who are outside until help arrives.
4) Do not go back into the burning building.
5) Wait for firefighters to arrive before entering the building.
6) Do not smoke while waiting for firefighters.
7) Do not re-enter the building once it is safe.
8) Do not touch anything inside the building.
9) Do not break windows or doors.
10) Do not throw objects at the fire.


Remember, fire safety is serious, but it doesn’t have to be scary. By following the rules and tips you’ve learned, you can help keep yourself, your family, and your home safe from fire. Practice your escape plan regularly, talk to your parents about any questions you have, and never be afraid to sound the alarm if you see or smell smoke. With a little knowledge and preparation, you can be a fire safety hero!


1.What should I do if the smoke alarm goes off?

Don’t hide! Get out of the house immediately with your family according to your practiced escape plan.
Feel the door with the back of your hand. If it’s hot, don’t open it! Use your alternate escape route.
Meet at your designated meeting spot outside and stay there until help arrives.

2.What if I’m scared to go outside during a fire?

Stay low to the ground where the air is clearer.
Crawl towards the nearest exit.
If you can’t escape, yell for help from a window and wave a white flag to attract attention.

3.What shouldn’t I play with?

Never play with matches, lighters, or candles.
Stay away from stoves and fireplaces when they’re in use.
Electrical outlets and cords are not toys.

4.What should I do if my clothes catch fire?

Stop, Drop, and Roll! Cover your face and roll on the ground to smother the flames.
Don’t run! Running will fan the flames and make them worse.

5.How can I help prevent fires?

Never leave burning candles unattended.
Keep flammable materials like gasoline and paint away from heat sources.
Tell your parents if you see any frayed electrical cords or overloaded outlets.

6.Is it okay to cook in my room?

No! Cooking appliances should only be used in the kitchen with adult supervision.
Keep your bedroom door closed when you’re not there to prevent fire from spreading.

7.What’s the number for the fire department?

Teach your children the emergency number for the fire department in your area. Program it into their phones if they have them.