Top 10 Food Ideas For Six Months Baby(6-9 Months Babies)

Is your baby six months older? And planning to introduce solids along with breastfeeding? Wondering what are the best food ideas for six months baby? Then you landed on the right page. Experts suggest that introducing one new food at a time will help you to check if your baby has any reactions to the food. Keep a few days gap between new foods. Read this article and know the best foods to give your six, seven, eight, and nine months old baby.

Guidelines To Start With Solids For 6+ Months Babies:

  • One of the signs that your baby is ready for solid foods is when babies are sitting on their own with minimal support or no support.
  • While feeding solid foods for your six to nine months old baby, initially start with a spoonful or less than that quantity of each food. If babies are not showing any allergic reactions, then gradually increase the quantity.
  • Always introduce one item at once. Have at least 3 to 5 days gap between new foods.
  • Initially started with pureed fruits and vegetables.
  • Make sure the fruits, vegetables or any other food that you want to introduce is fresh.
  • Do not warm baby’s food or bottles in microwave.

According to the World Health Organization and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, for the first six months, with exclusive breastfeeding, the baby receives only breast milk that provides required nutrition and health benefits. If your baby is breastfed or formula-fed, solid foods may be introduced starting at six months age.

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Top 10 Food Ideas For 6 Months Baby:

Introducing solid foods is an important milestone that your baby will be enjoying the new foods. Here are some healthy food options to introduce new foods for your six to nine months baby.

  1. Breast Milk Or Formula Milk: You can feed six to eight ounces(180–240 ml) of milk for every 3-5 times a day.
  2. Infant Cereal: You can start feeding your six months old baby, with two to four tablespoons of cereals.
  3. Mashed Banana: Mashed banana is a great food idea for your six or seven months old baby to start with. Give your baby a soft and mashed one.
  4. Pureed Fruits And Vegetables: To increase the nutritional values for your baby, start giving her the steamed and pureed fruits and vegetables. Start with the apple puree. It is the best food option for eight months old babies.
  5. Cheese or Yogurt: Great food for your nine months old babies. Start with ½ ounce cheese or ½ cup yogurt. If your baby is showing any allergic reactions, stop giving this.
  6. Meat: Meat is a good food option for nine months old. Start with 1-2 tablespoons, and it should be very soft. Do not give a spoon of meat at once. Feed them very little.
  7. Beans: You can give start giving beans to your eight to nine months baby. It should be steamed, mash it until very soft before feeding.
  8. Water: You can start giving water to your six to nine months old baby. Give 0 to 3 ounces of water in a day.
  9. Bread: Bread is good food for your nine months baby. Mix the bread slice in milk and feed. You can feed half a bread slices in a day.
  10. Pasta: You can start giving three tablespoons of pasta for your eight and nine months old baby.

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What Are The Foods To Avoid At Six To Nine Months Old?

There are certain foods to give and certain foods to avoid at six months old[1]. Following are the some of the foods to avoid.

  • Do not give honey to your baby if she/he is just six to nine months old.
  • Do not introduce any juices at six to nine months old.
  • If your baby is started showing any allergic reactions to any fruits, do not give them.
  • Do not introduce fluid cow’s milk.
  • Do not add salt, sugar, food colors etc.
  • Avoid spicy food for your baby.

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At six, seven, eight, and nine months old age, babies do not require much juices or water. You can provide some water to help with the transition of the bottle, recommended at 12 months. For children with special needs, consult your doctor and start feeding the solids.

Hope this article helps you finding information about food ideas for six to nine months old babies. Do share your thoughts on this!


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