How To Make Your Baby’s Skin Fair And Glow?

Soon after the pregnancy is confirmed, you will start getting a number of advice from people on how to get fair skin for your baby. After birth, you will be a little concerned if your baby’s skin tone is changing. There are a few things that you can follow during pregnancy and after pregnancy to improve your baby’s fairness. Read this article to know the natural baby fairness tips.

Natural Tips To Make Your Baby’s Skin Fair And Glow:

Here are a few helpful tips to have a fair-skinned baby.

1. Gram Flour Paste:

This is a good remedy that you can prepare at home for your baby. To make this paste, you will need gram flour(Besan), raw milk, fresh cream, and turmeric powder.

Mix all these ingredients until it becomes a paste. Apply it on your baby’s face softly. Do not rub. Wait for 10 minutes and then remove it using a cotton cloth. The other benefit of this pack is turmeric kills infectious bacteria.

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2. Fruits:

Apples and oranges have good nutritional values along with improving baby’s skin tone.

Natural fruit extracts help your baby’s skin fair and soft by cleansing the epidermis.

Grape juice helps to improve your baby’s skin fair. 

But it is suggested to avoid feeding the fruits if your child is below six months old, as breastfeeding is very important for a great immune system than fair skin tone.

3. Hot Oil Massage:

This has been following from our generations and it is a belief that hot oil massage can make your baby to have fairer skin instantly. You can use essential oils like almond oil and olive oil for massaging.

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4. Sandalwood paste:

To make this you will need sandalwood powder, turmeric powder, saffron. Mix all these with raw milk and apply it on your baby’s face. After 10 minutes, rub off with cotton.
Bathing Water Temperature:
Using the right water temperature to bathe your baby is important. Using extremely hot water or extremely cold water is not good for your baby’s skin as it is very sensitive.

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5. Use A Mild Moisturizer:

To have your baby’s skin smooth, blossom, and soft, use quality moisturizers to apply on your baby’s body. 

6. A Synchronized Sunbath:

Expose your baby to sun rays early in the morning which promotes Vitamin D naturally. After some time, make your baby bath with lukewarm water. It is suggested not to have your baby direct sunlight or too much sun exposure.

7. Hydrated Body:

Ensure your baby has hydrated always. Drinking water can help your baby to flush out toxins. Consult your doctor to know the right amount of water to drink in a day.

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8. Scrubbing:

Scrubbing your baby exfoliates the dry skin cells and the skin will become smooth and soft.

9. Avoid Harsh Soaps:

Do not use harsh soaps for your baby. Make a homemade soap using rose water and raw milk.

10. Baby Wipes:

Excessive scrubbing and too many face packs can result in rashes on your infant baby’s skin. Use wet wipes that contain glycerin and milk cream.

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Things To Consider While Considering Natural Tips

  • Apply all the above home remedies if your child is above three months old.
  • Patch is done before applying and pack on the body.
  • Everyone knows that baby’s skin is very sensitive as compared to adult skin. So whatever you do apply face pack or paste on your baby’s face, make sure your baby is comfortable and it is not going into the eyes. Do not rub on or off.
  • Adjust your baby skin care routine based on climate conditions.
  • Always dress your baby lightweight and comfortable clothes.

Which home remedy you use to get your baby’s skin fairer and glow. Do share with us in the below comment section.