88 Fun Geography Facts In The World

Geography is the study of the Earth and its lands, features, inhabitants, and phenomena. It includes both human and physical geography, and encompasses a wide range of topics such as cartography, climate, geology, hydrology, population, and settlements. Geography helps us understand the world around us, and how human and natural systems interact. It is a multidisciplinary field that draws on many other disciplines, including biology, economics, history, and political science. Below are some of the interesting geography facts in the world to teach your kids.

Fun Geography Facts in the World

  1. The Earth’s surface is approximately 71% water and 29% land.
  2. The longest river in the world is the Nile, stretching 4,135 miles from its source in Burundi to the Mediterranean Sea.
  3. The highest point on Earth is Mount Everest, which stands at 29,029 feet above sea level.
  4. The largest desert in the world is the Antarctic Desert, covering an area of about 5.5 million square miles.
  5. The deepest point in the ocean is the Challenger Deep, located in the Mariana Trench at a depth of 36,070 feet.
  6. The largest ocean in the world is the Pacific Ocean, which covers about 60.1 million square miles (155.6 million square kilometers) and represents about 46% of the Earth’s water surface.
  7. The longest coastline in the world belongs to Canada, stretching 202,080 km.
  8. The largest island in the world is Greenland, with an area of 836,330 square miles.
  9. The largest waterfall in the world is Angel Falls, located in Venezuela with a height of 3,212 feet.
  10. The largest lake in the world is the Caspian Sea, which is actually a lake and not a sea, with an area of 143,000 square miles.
  11. The most populous city in the world is Tokyo, Japan, with a population of over 37 million people.
  12. The United States is the most populous country in the world with over 300 million people living there.
  13. China has the largest population in the world at 1.4 billion people.
  14. India is the second most populated country in the world with 1.4 billion people.
  15. The United States is the third most populated country in the world with 0.3 billion people.
  16. Indonesia is the fourth most populated country in the world.
  17. Pakistan is the fifth most populated country in the world.
  18. The smallest country by population is Vatican City with 897 inhabitants.
  19. The most populous city is Tokyo with 37 million people.
    The capital of India is New Delhi with 1.2 billion people.
  20. The capital of China is Beijing with 1.3 billion people.
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    Interesting Geography Facts in Asia

  22. In the world today, there are more people living in Asia than anywhere else.
  23. The highest point in Asia is Mount Everest, which stands at 29,029 feet (8,848 meters) and is located on the border of Nepal and Tibet.
  24. The longest river in Asia is the Yangtze River, which runs for 3,915 miles (6,300 kilometers) through China.
  25. The largest desert in Asia is the Gobi Desert, which covers 500,000 square miles (1,295,000 square kilometers) and stretches across northern China and southern Mongolia.
  26. The highest lake in the world is Lake Titicaca, which is located on the border of Peru and Bolivia and sits at an elevation of 12,507 feet (3,812 meters) above sea level.
    The largest country in Asia by land area is Russia, which covers over 17 million square kilometers.
  27. The most populous country in Asia is China, with a population of over 1.4 billion people.
  28. The largest island in Asia is Borneo, which is shared by the countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei.
  29. The largest city in Asia is Tokyo, Japan, with a population of over 37 million people in the metropolitan area.
  30. The highest railway in the world is the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, a 1,142-mile (1,840 km) long railway that connects Xining, Qinghai Province to Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region.
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    Fun Geography Facts in the U.S.A.

  32. There are more than 3,000 cities in the U.S., but only about 300 have populations over 100,000 people.
  33. New York City has the most skyscrapers in the world.
  34. San Francisco has the highest average temperature in the country.
  35. Chicago has the largest number of lakes in the country.
  36. Los Angeles has the most miles of coastline in the country.
  37. Chicago was once known as “The Windy City”.
  38. The Most Populous City Is Los Angeles, California.
  39. The Least Populous City Is El Paso, Texas.
  40. Houston has the third largest population.
  41. San Diego has the fourth largest population.
  42. The Biggest Urban Area Is Chicago, Illinois.
  43. The Smallest Urban Area Is San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  44. Chicago has the largest percentage of people who live in poverty.
  45. San Francisco has the highest average income.
  46. Houston has the lowest unemployment rate.
  47. Boston has the highest median household income.
  48. Chicago has more than 1,200 miles of shoreline.
  49. There are over 100 rivers flowing through Chicago.
  50. Lake Michigan covers about one third of the city’s land area.
  51. Chicago is home to the world’s first skyscraper.
  52. Chicago has the largest metropolitan region.
  53. New York City has the most people living within its borders.
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    Amazing Geography Facts in Europe

  55. The European Union consists of 44 countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Austria, and many more.
  56. There are more than 7,000 islands.
  57. Each country has its own culture, language, religion, history, and geography.
  58. The Netherlands has the highest percentage of people who speak Dutch as their native language.
  59. The largest country by area is Russia with 9,972,000 square kilometres (3,851,000 sq mi).
  60. Germany has the second highest population with 82 million people.
  61. Italy has the fourth largest population with 60 million people.
  62. Germany has the largest population of Muslims.
  63. France has the most amount of wine per capita.
  64. Spain has the most amount of coastline.
  65. Poland has the most lakes.
  66. Russia has the largest population with 143 million people.
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    Crazy Geography Facts in Africa

  68. Africa is the second largest continent after Asia. It is located between the Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean.
    Africa has 54 countries.
  69. There are more people living in Africa than anywhere else in the world.
  70. Africa is the birthplace of humanity.
  71. Africa is the only continent without an ocean coastline.
  72. Its landmass covers an area of about 30 million square kilometers.
  73. The Sahara Desert covers more than half of Africa.
  74. There are over 1 billion people living in Africa today.
  75. Africa is home to the oldest human civilization in the world.
  76. And it’s also home to some of the youngest nations in the world.
  77. It is the most diverse continent with over 1,000 ethnic groups.
  78. It is the second largest country by area after Russia.
  79. Important Geographical Facts of Australia

  80. Australia is the world’s sixth largest country by total area.
  81. It is located in the Southern Hemisphere and is made up of mainland Australia, the island of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands.
  82. The capital of Australia is Canberra, and the largest city is Sydney.
  83. The Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef system, is located off the northeastern coast of Australia.
  84. The landscape of Australia is diverse, with desert regions in the center, tropical rainforests in the north, and alpine terrain in the southeast.
  85. The population of Australia is primarily concentrated along the eastern and southeastern coasts.
  86. The official language of Australia is English and the currency is Australian dollar.
  87. The indigenous people of Australia, the Aborigines, have a rich cultural heritage that dates back tens of thousands of years.
  88. Key Geographical Facts About Antarctica

  89. Antarctica is the southernmost continent and is almost entirely covered by ice.
  90. It is the fifth largest continent, with an area of about 14 million square kilometers.
  91. The highest point on the continent is Vinson Massif, which stands at an elevation of 4,897 meters.
  92. The continent has no permanent human residents, but there are several research stations maintained by various countries.
  93. The climate is extremely cold, with temperatures averaging around -56°C in the winter and -40°C in the summer.
  94. The continent is surrounded by the Southern Ocean and is mostly uninhabitable due to the harsh conditions.

Geography is important in understanding the relationships between natural resources, human populations, and economic systems and how they interact with one another in different regions of the world. Finally, it is also essential for understanding the complex issues facing the planet, such as climate change and sustainability. Teach your kids about the interesting geography facts and help them to gain knowledge.


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