Road Safety For Kids – Rules, Tips, Facts And Activities

“For safety is not a gadget but a state of mind” ~ Eleanor Everet

Parents can keep their children safe at home and teachers can make sure the students safety at school. It is also very important when it comes to road safety for kids. They should be taught about the road traffic signal rules and other safety things to stay safe. Read below the very important road safety rules that you should teach your preschoolers or younger kids.

Importance Of Road Safety Rules And Regulations For Kids:

Lack of supervision by parents and lack of knowledge on traffic signal rules, children can put their own life at risk. It is the responsibility of parents and teachers to teach kids about road safety rules.

Now let us look at some useful tips on road safety that help your child learn:

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Tips To Know About Road Safety For Kids:

It is important for kids to teach about road safety rules and regulations at the same time it is also important to teach them how much information they can handle. Here are some very important things for preschoolers, younger kids, and older kids to learn about road safety.

1. Know the traffic signal rules

It is the basic thing to learn about the traffic lights, signals and  what each color indicates:

  • Green means ‘Go’ and the vehicles can go ahead.
  • Red means ‘Stop’ and the vehicles should not move ahead.
  • Yellow means ‘Slow own’ and should be preparing to stop.
  • A Walking Man symbol at an intersection is for ‘Pedestrians’, they have to walk only when it turns to green.
  • ‘Do not walk’ when the walking man symbol turns red.
  • Sometimes a hand symbol or a walk signal is shown instead of a walking man symbol. You need to teach your kids this as well.

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2. Stop, Look And Cross
  • Adults should always accompany the kids below six years
  • Look to your right and left, check if there are any vehicles coming to you
  • If yes, wait for the vehicle to pass, then cross the road
  • Never cross at bends and never between the stationary vehicles
3. Pay attention and listen

If you hear any horn sound, stop and look around if any vehicle is moving towards you. If yes, give way to the vehicles to pass.

4. Do not run on the roads

5. Always use sidewalks, pedestrian paths to walk

6. Do not put hands or head outside of the vehicle

7. Stay safe while riding a bicycle
  • Wear a helmet while riding a bike
  • Check the bicycle condition like breaks, chain, wheels etc. before you start riding
  • Do not use the mobile phone while going on the bike
8. Dressing For Road Safety
  • Wear light-colored clothes while walking or riding at night, Do not wear a black dress.
  • Try wearing bright clothes during daytime

9. Stay calm while walking on the busy roads

10. Do not suddenly open the car door on the road

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Tips To Keep Your Child Safe On Roads:

Here are some tips that help your child stay safe on road.

  1. Do not rush while getting in or off the vehicle
  2. Don’t play on roads or in a moving vehicle
  3. Do not leave your child alone on the road
  4. Make your child start a bit early from home to avoid the unnecessary rush
  5. Do not play video games on the road
  6. Make sure your child wears seat-belt in the car
  7. Do not stand or dance inside a moving vehicle

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Road Safety Games And Activities For Kids

  1. Essay Writing: Teach your child about road safety rules and ask them to write an essay about it. This way they can improve their listening skills, writing skills along with the main purpose that is they will learn about the road safety rules and regulations.
  2. Activity Sheets: There are several online road safety activity sheets available for kids of all ages. Automobile companies have free online resources, which can be used to educate your child.
  3. Learning Through App: There are some apps like Canary [1] about road safety, which help parents to monitor their kids’ driving habits.
  4. Crossword Puzzles: You can find the crossword puzzles online[2], it will be a fun activity for kids, also a better way to teach them about it.
  5. Road Safety Words and Pictures: Practice the important road safety words with your children. Create a giant road map. Ask them to identify the important road safety pictures such as vehicles, signals and colors, people etc.

Some Facts About Road Safety Rules For Kids

  • According to the World Health Organization report, worldwide every year nearly a million children die as a result of unintentional injuries, and the biggest killer is traffic accidents[3].
  • According to NHTSA report, In America, 3450 number of people killed by distracted driving in 2016[4].
  • 15,633 children were killed in road accidents across India in 2015[5].


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