130+ Funny Truth Or Dare Questions For Teen Boys And Girls

Truth or Dare questions is a game that is enjoyed by people of all ages. Teenage girls and boys would love playing this game. Read this article to know the interesting truth and dare questions for teens along with the rules of the game. Each section has the truth questions followed by the dare questions. ENJOY PLAYING THE GAME!

Rules To Play Truth Or Dare Questions:

  • In Truth or Dare game, each girl or boy has the choice to express a truth or to take a challenge that is dare.
  • Challenges must be completed if they chose a dare. If it is not done, there will be a penalty, which is decided by the remaining participants in the game.
  • If the participant goes for the Truth, she or he must answer the question truthfully.

Let’s Play!

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Truth Or Dare Questions For Teenagers:

Here are some truth or dare questions for teen boys and girls.

  1. Who is your secret crush?
  2. Do you think she/he is cute?
  3. What is your biggest fear?
  4. Have you ever got caught doing something you shouldn’t?
  5. How does your dream boy or girl look like?
  6. Who is the last person you texted for?
  7. When was the last time you lied?
  8. Do you think you will get married to your current girlfriend/boyfriend?
  9. How many selfies do you take in a day?
  10. What is something that no one else knows about you?
  11. Who do you hate the most?
  12. How many kids do you want to have in the future?
  13. Would you rather be a guy than a girl? Why?
  14. What is your favorite food?
  15. What is your favourite Disney movie?

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  17. What would you name your children?
  18. Find the oldest picture of yours that you want to make it your profile picture now.
  19. Have you ever pretended to like a gift?
  20. Have you ever lied to your close friend?
  21. Would you let your best friend cheat on a test?
  22. Is there anything about your life you would want to change?
  23. Describe your dream career.
  24. Behave like a baby for 2 minutes.
  25. Open snacks bags and put them in the bowl using only your mouth, no hands or feet.
  26. Act like an animal for the next 3 minutes.
  27. Eat a raw egg.
  28. If you could be a superhero, what would your power be?
  29. Bark like a dog.
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    Interesting Truth Or Dare Questions For Teen Girls:

    Here are some interesting questions to ask a girl:

  31. What is your biggest regret?
  32. Do you cover your eyes during a scary part in a movie?
  33. What do you want to name your daughter?
  34. How many times did you kiss yourself in a mirror?
  35. Did you ever sing loudly in the classroom?
  36. Do you talk in your sleep?
  37. What is the strangest game you used to play as a kid?
  38. If you missed by address in a new city, what would you do?
  39. Have you ever cried because you missed your parents so much?
  40. Are you scared of the dark?
  41. Do you write in a diary?
  42. What is the childish thing that you always want to do?
  43. If you could marry a celebrity, who would it be?
  44. Which female celebrity do you follow?
  45. If you want to change a few things about your body, what would those be?
  46. Who are you jealous of?
  47. Have you ever had a crush on a friend’s boyfriend?
  48. You have to give up one makeup item for the rest of your life. What is it?
  49. Do you own any adult toys?
  50. When was the last time you cried?
  51. Dance for 1 minute with an imaginary pole.
  52. Post an extremely unflattering picture of yourself to the social media.
  53. Sing the alphabets in reverse order without moving the mouth.
  54. Act like a politician for 4 minutes.
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    Interesting Truth Or Dare Questions For Teen Boys:

    Some funny dare ideas that the teenagers would love for sure.

  56. Do you sing in the shower?
  57. Who is your first crush?
  58. What do you want to name your first son?
  59. Who is your favourite teacher?
  60. What is the biggest misconception about you?
  61. Do you ever talk to yourself in the mirror?
  62. What would be in your web history that you do not want anybody to see?
  63. Do you walk in your sleep?
  64. Have you ever drunk and drive?
  65. If you have suddenly become invisible, what would you do?
  66. What was the strangest dream you ever had?
  67. If you had to dance with a boy, who would it be?
  68. Who was your first kiss? Did you like it?
  69. Have you ever flirted with your best friend’s siblings?
  70. How many times have you gone out without a shower?
  71. How long have you gone without brushing your teeth?
  72. Have you ever done anything illegal?
  73. What’s the biggest turn-on in your life?
  74. Take a shower with your clothes on.
  75. Show your armpits.
  76. Read to everyone the last conversation you had in WhatsApp.
  77. Do pushups for the next 10 minutes.
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    Random and Funny Truths and Dares For Teens:

    Check out these samples of truth and dare ideas for teenagers.

  79. Do you have a hidden talent?
  80. Make a prank call to your close friend.
  81. Eat one bitter gourd saying “Mmmmm, very yummy!”
  82. Your crush asked to eat one item which you do not like at all, do you eat?
  83. Have you ever blamed your friend for something that was actually your fault?
  84. If you could be reincarnated into anyone’s body, who would you want to become?
  85. Have you ever tried using a soap as shampoo or shampoo as soap?
  86. What animal most closely resembles your style?
  87. Did you ever share your close friend’s secret with others?
  88. Would you share a toothbrush with your best friend?
  89. Have you ever cried during a movie? If so, which one?
  90. How long do you last?
  91. Have you ever ignored a friend’s text? Why did you do it?
  92. Have you ever told a secret you were told to keep?
  93. Break two eggs on your head.
  94. Be someone’s pet for the next 5 minutes.
  95. Compose a poem on the spot based on something the group comes up with.
  96. Tell us an emotional dialogue from any movie.
  97. Embarrassing Truth Questions For Friends
  98. Pair these awesomely embarrassing questions with these 100+ embarrassing dares!
  99. What you would do first if you woke up one day as the opposite gender?
  100. Whom do you think the worst dressed person?
  101. Do you lick your plate?
  102. Who’s the most boring person here and in your life?
  103. What was your most embarrassing moment in public?
  104. What was the last thing you have searched for on your mobile?
  105. True or false? You have a crush on him/her.
  106. What do you think about when you are sitting on the toilet?
  107. What is the worst habit that you are happy to do?
  108. Has anyone ever walked in on you when going #2 in the bathroom?
  109. Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?
  110. Did you ever steel fruits or flowers from your neighbour’s trees?
  111. Did you ever poop in your pants?
  112. What is the most embarrassing picture of you?
  113. Put 4 ice cubes down your pants.
  114. Call the 10th contact in your phone and sing a song.
  115. Try to lick your elbow.
  116. Drink a salty glass of milk
  117. Wear a finger mustache for the next 5 minutes.
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    Flirty Truth And Dare Questions For Teens:

    Here are a few flirty questions to ask if you are attending a birthday party for both teen boys and girls.

  119. How do you impress your boyfriend /girlfriend?
  120. Have you ever had a crush on a friend’s girlfriend?
  121. Of the people in this room, who would you go out with?
  122. How will you praise your crush?
  123. What did you gift your friend to impress?
  124. Who do you think is the best flirt here?
  125. Talk and act like a cowboy or cowgirl.
  126. Who can do the best dance moves?
  127. Go outside and yell “Happy New Year!”.
  128. Catwalk across the room.
  129. Who is the funniest person here?
  130. Dance like a crazy on your favorite song.
  131. Did you ever wet your bed?.
  132. Act out a favorite scene from a movie.
  133. Who has a big nose here?
  134. Look someone in the eyes and tell him he is very charming
  135. Give a message to anyone out here for 3 minutes.
  136. What dress do you wear during bed?.
  137. Declare who is your true love.

How To Make Truth Or Dare Game Interesting For Teens?

  1. If there are many people, try out the long games.
  2. If you are not able to arrange a slumber party, you can conduct it virtually as well. Try it, it will be fun.
  3. If the game is virtual, you can try simply by texting or by talking to each other. Both are funny.
  4. The teen whoever is organizing or taking the lead, make sure you have enough questions. You always have more questions in hand.

Hope you enjoyed reading these questions. Play this game with a group of at least 5 people. You will definitely love to play this game again and again. All the best!