10 Fun Indoor Games And Activities For Teens

Teenagers love fun-filled games and activities. If they are at home and want to spend the day without boredom, they will love to explore the teenage indoor games and activities. Read this article to know the best and interesting indoor games for teenagers. Your teen boy or girl will love playing these activities.

Fun Indoor Games And Activities For Teens:

Here are some of the interesting indoor games for teenagers.

1)Who Am I?

This game is a really fun game for teenagers to play at home.

What You Need?

Pen and Paper

How To Play?

  • Form into different teams, each team can be 5-10 members in each team.
  • Select celebrities and write down their name in each slip and fold it.
  • All names should be the age- and group-appropriateness of the names.(movie stars, sport persons, cartoons, character names, country-capital names etc..)
  • One person from a team should pick a note and remaining team members in the game should start asking the questions like am I a film star? Am I a sportsperson? Am I female? Do I have curly height? etc until the team is able to guess the correct name.
  • But remember each team has ten chances to ask the questions.
  • Whoever guesses the name in less number of chances given, that team is the winner.

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2) Singing

What You Need?

Music to play

How To Play?

  • All of you, form into different teams, each team can be 2-10 members.
  • One member in a team should come forward and give some clues about a game, like movie name & situation or hero name & a specific word(can be a flower name, that should be there in that song) etc.
  • The other team should guess the correct answer.
  • Five chances can be given for each team.

3) Musical Pillows Game

A teen’s favorite indoor game is loaded with great fun.

What You Need?

Pillow, Pen and Paper

How To Play?

  • Write different fun punishments in different notes. Fold them and keep them in a box.
  • The punishments can be signing, dancing, jumping, cooking, standing for sometime etc.
  • All members should sit in a circle. One person should sit separately and should start playing the music.
  • And the team should forward the pillow to the person next to them.
  • Team starts playing the game fast and the other person should stop the music suddenly.
  • At that moment whoever holds the pillow, that person should come out and pick a note.
  • Whatever comes, that they have to do.
  • Remaining people will continue the game, until there is only one final winner.

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4) Pickup The Balls While Blindfold

What You Need?

Cotton balls, blindfold cloths, Empty bowls, spoons

How To Play?

  • Select one person as a judge and remaining people should blindfold.
  • Each person should take the balls with spoons and put it in their bowl.
  • One more twist here is, they should hold the spoon with their mouth.
  • Judges always should guide them if they are going in a wrong direction.
  • Whoever collects more balls, they are the winners.

5) Truth Or Dare Questions

How To Play?

  • Collect different questions on truth and dare.
  • Ask one person to select truth or dare.
  • Based on the selection, ask a question.
  • This game generally is played among close friends for a chance to let them get closer with their truths.

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6) Never Have I Ever

What You Need?


How To Play?

  • All teens sit in a circle.
  • Every team member in the game should have an equal number of candies in hand.
  • One person from the circle starts saying a sentence that starts with “ I never ever…..”
  • One should eat one candies and the other person should start.
  • Need not to start one by one. Whoever starts first, that person will start the sentence.
  • And no need to wait until everyone completes their sentence.
  • Whoever completes their candies first, that person is the winner.
  • Whoever has the highest number of candies, can be given a fun punishment.

7) Balloon Blow

What You Need?


How To Play?

  • Divide the teams into different pairs.
  • Two people stand facing in the opposite direction.
  • Take a balloon and blow the air.
  • Keep it in the middle of your back.
  • Keep blowing the balloons and hold on your back as much as possible.
  • Whoever holds the maximum number of balloons at a certain time period, that pair is the winner.

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8) Act It Out!

Another talent show indoor game for teenagers.

What You Need?

Paper and Pen.

How To Play?

  • Form into groups. And write down a few names in the notes and keep it in a box.
  • All names should be from the same zone.
  • One person from the team comes forward and picks up the note.
  • Whoever names comes, should act by gestures, the other people from the same team should guess.
  • There will be a time limit of 1-2 minutes.
  • Whoever guesses, they will get a point.

9) Makeup Artist Game

An interesting game for teen girls to show their makeup skills.

What You Need?

Makeup related things.

How To Play?

  • All should form as pairs and the person will be the judge.
  • One person should get the other person ready by making them beautiful.
  • It can be facial or face creams or makeup powder.
  • Finally, within the given time, who looks good, the judge will decide.
  • And that pair is the winner.

10) Sock Wrestling

A fun indoor game for teen boys to play.

What You Need?

Two pairs of socks

How To Play?

  • One person to judge the game.
  • Sock Wrestling is a fun wrestling match between two people with a silly goal.
  • The goal is to remove the socks of the opponent before your opponent takes off yours.

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Rainy days, weekends, or just some downtime – these 10 indoor games and activities offer a fun way for teens to relax, bond, and unleash their creativity. Whether you’re looking for something active, artistic, or mentally stimulating, there’s an idea here to keep everyone entertained.

Remember, the most important ingredient is to have fun and embrace a little friendly competition (or collaboration) along the way! So grab your friends, some snacks, and get ready to make some unforgettable memories.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and adapt these ideas to your own interests and what you have on hand. Happy playing!