15 Positive And Negative Influence Of Media On Teenagers

Social media and other media have a great influence on teenagers’ behavior. It is important for teenagers to be aware of the media influence, so that they can handle the media pressure. The media influence on teens on psycho-social development is profound. Parents should provide guidance on age-appropriate use of all media, including Internet, TV, Radio, Video games, music etc.

Let us discuss in detail about the positive and negative influences of the media on teen boys and girls.

Positive Influence Of media On Teens:

1) Improves Social Skills: Media gives the teenagers a chance to enhance their social skills by expanding their social circle and their friendship as well. It diversifies their social skills so that they can easily navigate through modern society.

2) Identity: Teenagers can explore different aspects of identity like relationships, gender or ethics etc on television. Watching interactive shows on TV helps them to get an opportunity for discussions with others.

3) Health: There are always different posts or news about health on social media, TV and on other media. Teenagers can learn different things through this and improve their health.

4) Learning: There are some programs about education, through which they can learn some extra things. Sometimes, few concepts they can better understand through different media channels than their own.

5) Lifestyle: There is some useful stuff related to diet, exercises and yoga is posted on different media channels, if the teenagers can make these habits into their routine, it will have a great impact on them.

6) Awareness: Through the media, your teen can have awareness of different things that are happening in the society. 

7) Reading And Writing Skills: There are blogs that offer to contribute the content on their website on specific topics. If your teen interested in that topic, can start writing on that. And also, there are many other topics which are already written by others, your teen can go and explore.

8) Improve Motor Skills: There is some good in video games, which help teen girls and boys develop and fine-tune their motor skills and coordination.

9) Inspiration: There are some good tasks and challenges that happen in different media that can have a good impact on teenagers. It will inspire them to do things in a new way.

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Negative Media Impact On Teenagers:

Here are the negative media impact on your teenage girls and boys.

10) Body Image: If your teenager sees some unrealistic things in the media, it can have a lot of impact on their body image.

11) Violence: Sometimes the amount of violence in video games or movies is scary. If they spend more time watching such violent stories, it will impact negatively in reality.

12) Risky Sexual Behavior: Teens always should watch any shows that are age appropriate. Sex without responsibility can lead to irresponsible sexual behavior and unwanted pregnancies in teens.

13) Lazy And Obesity: If they spend more time on watching TV or playing video games and there is no physical activity, this will result in obesity in teens.

14) Scores Low In Academics: There is a chance that whoever spends much time on media, they will have a low score in their schools.

15) Makes Everything Commercial: Many advertisers target teenagers with new challenges added to grab more revenue. Initially they keep it for free, later once they become addicted to the game, they increase the cost of the game. 

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How To Handle Media Influences On Youth?

Nowadays, exploring social media and other media channels is common. But how much time they are spending on these platforms is crucial. Here are few tips for parents to handle the media influence on teens:

  • Parents should decide how much time teenagers should spend on media.
  • Selection of what shows or programs they should watch should be decided by parents.
  • Physical activity is very important at this age, so parents are advised to make sure that teenagers give enough time for physical activity too.
  • Do not encourage your teenager to watch violence related content at this age.
  • You must ban some apps, shows, programs. And explain to your teen why you are saying no to watch them.

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Sit with your teenage boy or girl and discuss what are the pros and cons of the media and its impact on them. Make them understand that which shows they can watch and which they should not. Do not tell them when you are in an angry mood. Talk to them in a friendly manner.

How do you manage when your teen spending much time on the media? How do you control them? Do share with us!