30 Healthy And Good Habits For Kids That Parents Should Teach

“Good and healthy habits formed at a young age make all the difference.”
With each passing day, they get exposed to various physical and mental chores, it becomes easy for them to pick up habits (be it good or bad). As adults, it becomes difficult to change a habit. Every child is the future of their parents, hence teaching good and healthy habits to kids is very important at the right time. Therefore, to make the future of the kids bright, parents always strive to ensure that their child ensures and endorses only good healthy habits.

Good and healthy habits refer to the behavior and healthiness that are beneficial for the development of the physical or mental health of kids. At the same time, they also help kids to continually develop or improve their environment conditions.Inculcating good habits helps in building the character of your kid. Good habits help kids to stay happy throughout life. It helps to stay motivated and encourages to always do well. Similarly the healthy habits provide the best of the health to the kids. Well, it’s not that difficult to infuse healthy habits in your kids. The key point is that you do not just provide your genes, but healthy habits as well because your kid absorbs a lot from you. So, as a parent, you should take on yourself to a healthy lifestyle and take care of your kid’s health and make them follow the same.

30 Good and Healthy Habits For Kids

Many of these behaviours are undoubtedly already being practised by you! Here are the top healthful habits for children:

Eat Healthily:

One of the important habits for kids to teach is to eat healthily. Do not allow him to eat junk food. Explain to them how healthy food makes their entire life healthy and how junk foods make them sick. Make homemade snacks. A good nutritional value and balanced diet must be a regular practice. Children must be uplifted to eat fresh foods like vegetables and fruits, drink milk, avoid junk, fatty and sugary snacks.

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Brushing Twice A Day:

Usually, younger kids feel lazy to brush as soon as they wake up. But it is the responsibility of the parent to teach them properly to brush twice a day. Try teaching them in a fun-filled activity. Dental hygiene is very crucial, guide your kids on how to brush and they must know the importance of brushing the teeth twice a day from their childhood onwards. Kids love to eat chocolates and other sweets, and hence teeth must get clean to prevent cavities. Also, they should not eat food after brushing their teeth at night.

Table Manners:

Another good habit for your child to teach. While they eat breakfast or dinner, educate how to eat properly.

Sleep Early and Rise Early:

Early to bed and early to rise is a good habit. Do not allow your kid to sleep very late. It will become a routine for them. It is one of the important habits for kids to teach, especially when they are going to school. Stick to a time to sleep.

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Use “Please” and “Thank You”:

A basic rule to teach your child about “please”, “sorry” and “Thank you”. These are magical words to convince or to receive a positive note from others. If you did something wrong to others, you will have to say sorry to them, so there won’t be any adverse effects going forward. And if others did anything good to you, say thank you, so that both will be happy. Also, if you are requesting anything, use please, so that you will receive a positive response. – This way if you teach your child about these magical words, it will create some positivity in them.

Sharing Is Caring:

Sharing is indeed caring. Explain to them what is the enjoyment of the sharing. How it benefits their entire life. If you have an only child, then it is a must thing to teach her about sharing. If they have siblings, they do not have any problem with this in most cases.

Maintain Good Hygiene:

It is important to teach your children to maintain good hygiene always. As young kids tend to play for long hours, they sweat out more hence the risk of exposure to germs and bacteria are even more. Parents must ensure the proper hygiene of their children; avoid playing in dirty places, take quick showers with warm water to be clean and tidy. No doubt, it’s a good and healthy habit for children.
Due to the recent pandemic hand wash has become the need of the hour; when it comes to getting your kid adopt healthy habits. Therefore, make sure they know the importance of washing hands. Teach your kids to use the germ protective hand wash liquids to wash hands for at least 20 seconds before eating food, after they come home from playing outdoors, to prevent infections. It is a must to teach your kid how to use a handkerchief while coughing or sneezing, and also to discard used tissues in the dustbin. Letting your child know about germs will keep them informed and avert from infections.

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Drinking Plenty of Water:

Another good habit for kids is drinking plenty of water in a day. Water transports all the necessary nutrients to cells and, more critically, aids in the removal of waste from our main organs. Children should be encouraged to drink lots of water since it will help them regulate their body temperature while they remain active throughout the day.

Say NO to Aerated or Carbonated Drinks:

Kids become obsess to aerated or carbonated drinks which are very harmful in the growing years. The high levels of sugar and caffeine may have untimely effects on your child’s health, abstain from such drinks, and give them healthy drinking options such as fresh fruit juices, milkshakes or smoothies, infuse healthy food habits to your kids as a prime responsibility of the parents.

Bathing Twice A Day:

Instruct them about the hygienic importance of bathing and being always neat and clean. Useful toys, soaps, shampoos, and appealing bathroom tubs can all help to promote this behaviour. Also, bathing twice a day should be practiced by the kids since their childhood to avoid the entry of germs into their body.

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Sleeping on Time:

A good amount of sleep and rest is very important to rejuvenate the energy levels in a child’s body. Good sleep always helps the child feel fresh & active for the day. Make the sleeping on time a regular practice since irregular sleeping hours can make your child irritable and uncertain.

Screen Time Restriction:

Children and teens are growing up absorbed in the digital world, exposed to digital media for long hours of the day with laptops, smart phones and television. Both parents play an equal role in teaching their children how to use screen time in a healthy way to enhance daily life. Choose a family package of mobile plans to access the usage, overuse of digital media can lead to a sedentary lifestyle and distance us from social life, physical exercise and sound sleep.

Physical Games:

Involve your kids to a range of physical activity games, depending upon their individual interest, and let them enjoy it with friends and family. Every kid is bound to develop the practice for physical games to make them healthier. Regular walking is one of the most delightful family activities. It gives parents more time to realise their kid’s presence and also motivates the kids to stay fit.

Quality Time with Family and Friends:

Family time is indeed a quality time which is very important for a child. Make sure all in the family must have lunch or dinner together daily. This leads to better communication as they enjoy this moment; this presence also makes them feel important and loved.
Friends are part of the healthy development of a child. Playing with good friends teaches your kids the most required social skills such as communication, cooperation and problem solving and also boosts their performance at school. Always, encourage children to develop a good friendship with others and to play with them. This skill will set them up in their overall personal development in future. Don’t you think it’s a great habit for kids?

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Make attractive meals:

Serving a plate with brightly colored foods describes health benefits and nutritional value and overall interest to eat, especially when the items are seasonal the kids must be served as they carry more healthy benefits for that particular season, like red (apples), blue and purple (eggplant and grapes), green (beans), yellow and orange (carrots and squash), and white (cauliflower) etc.

Read food labels:

Teach your child about nutrition values by looking at the food labels for their loved snacks. You can take a note on a few important parts of the label, such as the amount of sugar, saturated fat, calories and serving size. By knowing this the kid will be aware of using such foods. Anything listed which is harmful as an ingredient must be avoided for affecting the health in later stages.

Vaccination Record:

Vaccinations are very important to your child as they ward off from deadly diseases. Parents need to update with the vaccination schedule of your kid. Giving the right vaccine at the right time will save your child against many serious diseases, and also keep the vaccination record handy for all the visits to the doctor.

Kid’s Bedroom and Play Area:

Kids must be taught to make their rooms clean and ask for change of bed covers regularly and arrange their toys and other things such as clothes, socks and shoes before they get ready for their school. They must learn the concept of cleanliness is always next to godliness. The playing area is more concerned as kids love to be messy and litter the place, which is absolutely normal. But, as the parents, it is important to inculcate the importance of cleanliness to the kids. Train your kid to put their toys and other playing belongings back in their place and help him learn to be organized from the beginning.

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Use Physical Resources and Household Chores:

In today’s world, the work dependency is more with on-screens and online. Children must be discouraged from making regular use of such resources. They must develop a habit of writing and reading following hard copies of books and magazines, usage of calculators for simple calculations also needs to be avoided, these physical resources make them engage and also update with required information. Children can always assist with household tasks. Keep them involved in all the daily activities, such as keeping the house clean, washing the vehicles, ironing, gardening, etc, this will make them learn things quickly and also they love to be more participative in such works on a regular basis.

Mental Healthiness:

Kids must be focused with more of mind stability, attention, concentration, etc by involving meditation, yoga, and making them play indoor games such as puzzles, word building, chess, and quiz.

Inculcate Good Reading Habits

Every child should develop the habit of reading. Reading enables kids to develop their imagination and creativity in addition to aiding with language acquisition. You may set up a regular reading time or even read together at leisure time.


Learning to Accept Defeat:


We all love to be best in whatever we do, how to accept a defeat? in a dignified manner. Guide your child that losing something is just not the end. There is no need to feel depressed or disheartened, but what is important is to get up and start going, rather than indulging in state of stressful which leads to serious health problems

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Being Positive:


Kids at this age get easily disheartened when things don’t go in their way. Teach them the importance of being positive and how to be calm and composed by telling them that they are lovable and unique and their best is yet to come. This skill helps them to face challenges they encounter. Parents must not give up as it is your responsibility! Try to make them learn because following these tips may help your kid lead a healthy lifestyle right from childhood.


Understanding Gratitude and Responsibility:


Teach your children to respect each other’s greetings. The frequent use of phrases like “please,” “thank you,” “sorry,” and “excuse me” must be encouraged. They must be instructed in excellent interpersonal communication. Everyone is accountable for their deeds. This crucial habit needs to be instilled in kids for their own good.


Developing the Habit of Listening and Completing the Assignments On-Time:


To understand what is being taught in the class, it is important for the kids to pay attention and carefully listen to everything. Being present merely physically is useless. It is important to teach students how to pay attention in class. The completion of all homework and other assignments by children must be encouraged. They need to be aware of the importance of fulfilling deadlines.


Practice Sharing, Punctuality and Obedience:


Children must be urged to arrive on time for all of their activities. Additionally, they need to be respectful of seniors and obey instructions. Every child is incredibly self-centered, sharing is compassionate. They must be inspired to lend a hand and share their possessions with those in need.


Value Time and Truth:


We must make kids aware of the phrases “Time is precious” and “Gone time never comes back”. It’s important to instil good time management and punctuality in children. Speaking truthfully to children must be taught. They should be told that lying is a bad habit and to stay away from it.


Money Management:


This aids in their financial education and curbs spending on the spur of the moment. Adopt a system whereby you give them pocket money and require them to keep frequent records of their financial transactions.


Do Not Harm Animals or Birds and Connect to the Nature:


Children should be taught that birds and animals are both living things. They can be sociable and communicate in their own unique ways. They shouldn’t do them any harm. Rather, having a pet is recommended. In order to make our lives healthier and happier, kids need to be inspired to participate in the “go green” movement.


Play Enjoyable Activities:


Spending some time to play is important for kids. Playing indoor and outdoor games keeps them always energetic and confident. Do not restrict them only for education. Encourage them to do physical activities daily.


Be Responsible And Positive:


Help your children on how to be responsible for their things, money, others, etc. At the same time, making them stay positive is very important. Right from childhood, if they are positive, they do not have any evil thoughts in their mind.

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Good and healthy habits for kids become very important in their overall growth, the good habits will develop their personality and healthy habits keep them healthier. These habits taught at the early stage of their life will make an impact in the future, finally the kids must be taught good and healthy habits with a positive and practical approach and this could be a reality if the parents set themselves as an example. What good habits do you teach your kids? Comment below!

Always be there for your child to learn good habits. Never encourage anything that makes your kid learn bad habits. Explain the given good habits for kids to make them a “better child”, “Good student” and “Best citizen”. What good habits did you teach your child today? Tell us by commenting below!


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    I am a post graduate in MBA, covering work fields of content writing, teaching, training (Soft skills, personal development & life skills), education counseling, recruitment process, business development. With total 20+ years of learning experience, I could develop required skills and interest towards the team building process and organization development. My core interest and passion towards content writing is in creating different categories like technology, student careers, parenting, & general topics related to life skills etc.

Shashi Kanth

I am a post graduate in MBA, covering work fields of content writing, teaching, training (Soft skills, personal development & life skills), education counseling, recruitment process, business development. With total 20+ years of learning experience, I could develop required skills and interest towards the team building process and organization development. My core interest and passion towards content writing is in creating different categories like technology, student careers, parenting, & general topics related to life skills etc.