Top 5 Panchatantra Stories With Morals For Kids

Panchatantra stories are basically a collection of animal-based stories. Originally, Panchatantra stories are written in Sanskrit, and each story has a moral. These stories are really helpful for your kids. So, let us check how these fables help your child. Read on to know the interesting Panchatantra stories for kids with morals.

About Panchatantra Stories For Kids:

The Panchatantra is a combination of five words. The earliest recorded work, attributed to Vishnu Sharma. Let us see the five principles that are highlighted in Panchatantra stories.

  1. Mitra labha (gaining friends) – About how lost friends are gained back or made new friends.
  2. Mitra bheda (losing friends) – Understanding about how good friends are lost.
  3. Aparïksita kárakam (acting without thinking) – About how consequences of taking action without knowing the truth.
  4. Labdha pranásam (Loss of gains) – About how gains can be lost if proper care is not taken.
  5. Kákolùkïyam (Crows and owls) – About war and peace.

Interesting Panchatantra Stories For Children

To make storytime fun-filled for your kids, tell him these Panchatantra tales which great values and morals.

1.The Monkey And The Crocodile Story

Once upon a time, there lived a monkey on the berry tree which is near to a bank of the river in the forest. In the river, one crocodile was living with his wife. One day crocodile came out of the water to sleep under the tree. Monkey offered the berries to that crocodile, as he loved them. Kindhearted monkey offered the berries to crocodile’s wife too. She also liked the berries, but at the same time, she was jealous of their friendship. So, she asked her husband to get the heart of the monkey. He did not want to do it but had no choice. 

Crocodile invited the monkey to his home. Monkey also agreed, and as the monkey did not know how to swim, the crocodile took him on his back. Crocodile while talking, he blurted out the real reason for taking the monkey to their home. The lever monkey said that it left his heart on the tree. The crocodile believed and took the money back to the river and thus monkey escaped.

Moral of the Story: Choose your friends wisely and always have the presence of mind.

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2. The Stork And The Crab Story

Once upon a time, there lived a stork. He used to pick fishes to eat. But as he became older, could not pick the fishes. He thought of a plan and called all the fishes and crabs. He said that some men are planning to fill the pond with crops. All fishes and crabs got scared and asked for help. Then the stork said, “ I will take you to a new big river. But as I am old, I can take a few at a time”. All agreed. Stork started taking the fishes whenever he was hungry. 

One day crab asked to take her to the big river. Stork agreed. On the way, crab asked where is the big river, and stork laughed and pointed to a rock which is full of fish bones. The crab realized that the stork would kill her, so quickly she thought of a plan and caught the stork’s neck and did not leave until the stork died.

Moral of the Story: Act quickly when in danger and always have the presence of mind.

3. The Elephant And The Mice Story

Once upon a time, in a village, post an earthquake, which is abandoned by its people after it shattered. The mice from the same village decided to stay back there only. On the outskirts, there was a pond. Many elephants daily come to that pond to drink water. But the village was on the way to that pond. While walking elephants trampled the mice. So, the king of mice requested the elephants to change the route, and will definitely return the favour. Elephants laughed at the mice what favour they can do, but they promised that they will change the route.

After a few days, elephants got trapped in a net, set up by hunters. One elephant luckily was not got trapped and informed the same to the king of mice. All mice went to that place and started nibbling the nets and freed all the elephants. The king of elephants thanked the mice. 

Moral of the Story: A friend in need is a friend indeed. 

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4. The Loyal Mongoose Story

Once a loyal mongoose was left to guard a sleeping infant by his master. After some time, mongoose saw that a poisonous snake was coming to bite the baby. He immediately attacks the snake and kills. When his master’s wife cam, she saw blood on the mongoose’s mouth and assumed that it had bitten her baby. She kills the mongoose. But after seeing the dead snake, she realised her mistake.

Moral of the Story: Think before you act.

5. The Cat’s Judgement Story

Once a rabbit and a partridge got into an argument. They finally decided to go to a third person to settle their matter. They approached a cat. The partridge explained their argument. And the rabbit told his part. The partridge and the rabbit trusted them and moved closer to the cat. As soon as they moved closer, the cat hit them hard and killed them. And ate them up.

Moral of the Story: Never trust a stranger.

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The above five are the famous Panchatantra stories to tell your kids. Read these short stories to explain the values of these morals to your children. What is your favorite Panchatantra story? Do comment below!