10 Best And Interesting Lord Shiva Stories For Kids

As per Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva has different names. The other names of Lord Shiva are “Maheshwara”, “Shambhu”, “Shankara”, “Kailashavasi”, “Virupakshaya”, “Bhaktavatsalaya”, “Trilokeshaya”. The three major gods Brahma is responsible for the creation, Vishnu is responsible for maintenance, and Shiva is responsible for the destruction of the universe. Maha Shivaratri is a Hindu festival celebrated annually in honour of Lord Shiva. Maha Shivaratri falls on 21st February in 2020. Here, we have discussed the various stories of Lord Shiva to read to your kids. Let’s read.

10 Interesting Lord Shiva Stories For Kids

Here are some interesting and top stories about Lord Shiva, read to your kids, they will love these stories.

1.The birth of Lord Shiva Story

One day Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu were in an argument about their powers. In the middle of their heated discussion, an inexplicable blazing pillar appeared in front of them, whose roots and the tip was not visible. Both Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu set out to locate the pillar. Lord Brahma turned into a goose and Lord Vishnu turned into a boar. They started searching but could not find. Later they both came back to their original places. They understood that Lord Shiva’s power is much beyond their imagination and more powerful than them.

Lord Shiva is also referred to as Swayambhu (meaning ‘self-existing’) because he was not born from the womb of a woman. This is an interesting and mysterious story behind the birth of Lord Shiva.

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2. Lord Shiva And His First Wife Sati Story

As per mythology, Sati was the first wife of Lord Shiva. She was very fond of God Shiva, but her father did not approve of the ways of Lord Shiva. When her father decides to perform a sacrifice, he invited everyone except God Shiva. This thing to insult God Shiva bothered Pati a lot. She killed herself in the sacrifice. Then Lord Shiva killed her father in a rage.

3. Marriage of Lord Shiva and Parvathi Story

Himavatha, the ruler of Himalayas, and his wife Menaka were great devotees of God Shiva. They asked for a daughter, who could marry the deity. Menaka performs 3 days long penance to appease goddess Gowri Devi, the first wife of Lord Shiva. Gowri Devi was impressed and promised Menaka to take birth as their daughter and jumps into the fire to be reincarnated as Parvati. This leaves Lord Shiva heart-broken and he goes into a long penance to mourn the loss of his beloved wife.

One day, Sage Narada visits Hemavatha’s place to see the Parvathi and forecasts that she would marry God Shiva. As she grows, she spends the whole day praying to God Shiva. Impressed by her devotions, Lord Shiva decides to test her. So, he visited her place as a brahmin. He tells Parvati not to marry a poor, but she strongly said that she will marry only Lord Shiva. 

Lord Shiva pleased with her answer and came back to his original and acknowledged her marriage proposal. Thus Lord shiva gets her wife back.

4. Lord Shiva And The Fisherwoman

Lord Shiva starts explaining the Vedas to Parvathi for several years. One day she lost her concentration and Lord Shiva curses her to go to the earth and to take the birth as the fisherwoman.

She takes her birth as a baby girl. The chief of the fishermen community, Parvaras takes her to his home and names her as Parvathi.

Lord shiva misses his wife a lot, Seeing him like that, Nandi suggests Lord Shiva call her back. But he said he can not do that. As per her birth, she is destined to marry an angler.

Later Nandi planned to reunite Lord Shiva and Parvathi. Then he transforms as a big shark and troubles the fishermen. Then Parvaras announces that who kills the big shark, will get married to his daughter Parvathi. Parvaras and Parvathi pray to Lord Shiva to help. Then Lord Shiva turns into a younger fisherman. Nandi happily gets caught by Lord Shiva. This way Lord Shiva and Parvathi remarries. 

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5. Birth of Lord Shiva’s Daughter, Ashoka Sundari

Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi were taking a stroll in the Nandanavana garden. Parvathi often feels lonely when Lord Shiva go out of the Kailash mountain to fight with the evil forms. So she wishes for a daughter from the Kalpavriksha in the garden. A daughter is born to Parvathi and named her as Ashoka Sundari. She witnessed when Lord Shiva beheaded Lord Ganesha. She got scared of that and she became a sack of salt. Later Lord Shiva pacifies her and gets her back to normal. 

6. Lord Shiva And The Halahala Poison

One day, sage Durvasa curses all gods to lose their powers. They went to Lord Vishnu and he says to churn the ocean to retrieve nectar that can help to bring back their powers. The gods partner with the demons and start churning the ocean. During the churning process, they found many things including “halahala poison”, which can destroy the entire universe. 

All gods approach God Vishnu and he en routes them to God Shiva, as he is the only one to save them. Lord Shiva drinks the poison but squeezes his throat tight to prevent the poison from spreading the entire body. The halahala poison turns into blue in his throat. Hence, he called as Neelakantha. 

7. Lord Shiva’s Third Eye

There is an interesting story behind Lord Shiva’s third eye. 

One day, Lord Shiva was meditating. Parvathi thought of playing a game with Lord Shiva. She came from behind and closes his both eyes. It is believed that the right eye of Lord Shiva represents the sun and the left eye represents the moon. Closing his eyes, made the universe into darkness. Immediately he created the third eye on his forehead to emit fire. the heat from the fire caused Parvati’s hands to perspire. The sweat combined with the powers of God Shiva and Goddess Parvathi, transformed into their child named Andhaka.

Then he was named as “Trilochan” as he has three eyes.

8. Ravana Shakes Mount Kailash

Ravanasura is a great devotee of God Shiva. But evil-minded Ravana tries to pull down mount Kailash. His attempt fails. Lord Shiva gets angry and he traps Ravan under the mount Kailash. 

Then Ravana starts praying to Lord Shiva. He cuts one of his heads to make a veena and uses the tendons as strings to play music. This goes on for several years before Shiva is impressed. At last, Lord Shiva forgives Ravana and sets him free.

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9. The story of Sudarshana Chakra

One day, all gods approached Lord Vishnu to save them from rakshasas. He says he does not have powers but Lord Shiva can save you from Rakshasas. All the gods went to Lord Shiva but he was in a deep trance. They do not want to disturb them. Then Lord Vishnu decides to pray Until Lord Shiva comes out of his trance.  Lord Vishnu chants his name a thousand times every day by offering one lotus flower for every time. One day Lord Shiva comes out of his trans, but Lord Vishnu did not realise it. God Shiva decides to play a trick and removed one flower. Lord Vishnu completes 999 times and realizes one lotus is missing. So immediately he plucks out his eye and offers it at the feet of God Shiva.

Impressed by Lord Vishnu’s devotion, Lord Shiva tells him to ask for a boon. Lord Vishnu asks him to give the power to defeat the rakshasas to save all the gods. Lord Shiva gives him a round disc, called the ‘Sudarshana Chakra’, which has the power to kill anything. This the story of Sudarshana chakra.

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10. Lord Shiva And Bhasmasura Story

In the Himalayas, there was a rakshasa named Bhasmasura. He spent several years meditating to please God Shiva. Impressed by his devotion, Lord Shiva appeared before him and offers a boon.

The clever Bhasmasura asks, “Lord, grant me the boon that whatever I touch with my right hand will turn into ashes immediately.” Shiva grants the boon not realizing the evil intentions of the Bhasmasura. Rakshasa wants to test his boon on Lord Shiva to turn him into ash thus to gain the supreme power. Lord Vishnu witnesses this and decides to save God Shiva from the Brahmaputra. Lord Vishnu turns into a beautiful woman named Mohini and appears before rakshasa. Her mesmerizing beauty makes him fall for her and proposes to her. Mohini tells him to dance and defeat her, and then she will marry him.

Bhasmasura agrees and follows every step of Mohini. As his confidence keeps increasing, Mohini does a step by putting her right hand on her head. With overconfidence, Brahmasura forgets about his boon and puts his right hand on his head. Immediately, he turns into ash.

These are the different stories of Lord Shiva. Hope you enjoy reading these stories, Let us know what your favourite story is. Do comment below!