10 Interesting Bedtime Stories For Toddlers(Preschoolers) & Kids

Bedtime stories are an important part of childhood development. They teach children how to relax, fall asleep, and dream. But there are a few things you need to keep in mind when reading books to kids. Here are some great bedtime stories for toddlers that will help you create a relaxing bedtime routine for your little ones and important tips to tell bedtime stories for your toddlers..

How To Tell Bedtime Stories For Toddlers?

It’s time to start telling bedtime stories again! But what if you don’t know how to do it right? We’ve got you covered!

Start with an age appropriate story.

If you’re reading a book to a toddler, make sure it’s age appropriate. You should also avoid using scary words and images. Instead, use simple language and illustrations that will appeal to toddlers.

Be patient.

A good storyteller knows when to pause and wait for the child to respond. This allows them to build anticipation and keep the attention of the listener.

Repeat until they fall asleep.

If you’re looking for some tips on how to tell bedtime stories, then we’ve got you covered. Here’s our top tip: repeat until they fall asleep. You’ll need to use repetition to help children learn new words and concepts. And while you’re at it, make sure you also teach them how to count by using numbers as well as colors, shapes, and sizes.

Don’t read too much into their reactions.

There are lots of reasons why kids might not want to listen to bedtime stories. They might be tired, bored, or just plain cranky. Or maybe they’re having trouble falling asleep. Whatever the reason, don’t take it personally. Kids will often react negatively when they feel pressured to do something they don’t want to do. So instead of getting upset, try to understand where they’re coming from.

And remember, every child is different.

If your kid isn’t interested in listening to bedtime stories, there’s no need to force them to do so. Instead, focus on making sure they’re comfortable and happy. Try to make the story as interesting as possible by using props, music, and other sensory experiences. You can also use storytelling techniques to help keep your kids engaged.

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Top 15 Bedtime Stories For Toddlers:

  • Cinderella Story:


Cinderella was born into poverty in a small village in Germany. She had no shoes, no dresses, and no family. Her father died when she was young, leaving her mother to raise her on her own.

Cinderella grew up with nothing, but she never let that stop her from dreaming big dreams. She worked hard at school and became an excellent student. After graduating high school, she went to college where she studied business management.

One day, a fairy godmother came along and gave Cinderella a magic wand that turned her into a beautiful princess. She gave Cinderella some magic dust that made her dress sparkle and turn into a beautiful gown. The fairy godmother also told Cinderella that she would marry a prince someday.

While studying, she met Prince Charming who fell in love with her right away. The prince was a handsome man who fell in love with Cinderella when he saw her beauty. He asked his father to give him permission to marry her. His father agreed because he wanted his son to be happy. They got married and lived happily ever after.

  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Story:


This story was written by Hans Christian Andersen in 1837. It was first published as part of his collection of stories titled Fairy Tales Told for toddlers.

There there was a stunning princess by the name of Snow White. She was compassionate toward all animals and kind to them all. Snow White once met a handsome prince. The Queen, Snow White’s wicked stepmother, listened while they sang a love song together. The Queen gave the Huntsman the order to kill the young princess because she was so envious of Snow White’s beauty. The Huntsman, however, was unable to force himself to harm Snow White. So that the Queen couldn’t find her, he advised her to flee far away. Deep into the woods, Snow White fled. She was afraid and lost until she eventually found herself in front of a cottage. The princess rang the doorbell but nobody answered. She entered the room gradually.

The cabin was in disarray! Snow White thoroughly cleansed the entire forest with the aid of her forest pals. Snow White responded, “Perhaps whoever lives here will let me stay.” Snow White discovered seven tiny beds above. They belonged to kids, in her opinion. Snow White yawned and cuddled up on the mattresses to sleep after cleaning. The Seven Dwarfs were returning home from a long day of labour in a diamond mine at the same time. They couldn’t wait to get back to their cabin in the woods. When a princess was discovered within the Seven Dwarfs’ house, they were shocked!

The Seven Dwarfs—Dopey, Sneezy, Happy, Grumpy, Doc, Bashful, and Sleepy—enchanted Snow White when she awoke. The Dwarfs welcomed Snow White to live with them in order to defend the lovely princess from the wicked queen. The new buddies sang and danced all night long in celebration. The Queen found that Snow White was still alive when she arrived back at the castle. She concocted a magic elixir out of wrath to transform herself. She intended to deceive the princess. The Queen presented Snow White with a stunning red apple the following morning after the Dwarfs had left for work in disguise as an elderly woman peddler. After taking a mouthful of the apple, Snow White dozed off. She was poisoned by the Queen! The Dwarfs pursued the Queen to the peak of a stormy mountain when they returned home.

The mountain was struck by lightning in an instant, causing the Queen to fall and vanish. Snow White, however, was still sound asleep. Day and night, the Seven Dwarfs watched over her. The Prince Charming of Snow White finally arrived. He had been looking for the lovely princess he had sang with so long ago everywhere. Snow White was awoken by the Prince with the first kiss of love. The curse was removed! Once back in the realm, Snow White and the Prince lived happily ever after.

  • Baby Bunny And The Easter Picnic Story:


Baby bunnies love picnics! They love to play outside. They love to run and jump and chase each other. They love to eat grass and drink water. They also love to play games. One day, baby bunny was playing hide and seek with his friends. His friends were hiding behind bushes and trees. Baby bunny couldn’t see them because he was too busy looking at flowers. Suddenly, he heard a loud noise. It sounded like something big was coming towards him. Baby bunny ran as fast as he could. He hid under a bush. Then he saw his friend’s mommy. She had come to pick up her kids. Baby bunny didn’t want to leave his friends so he stayed hidden until she left. After that, he went back home.

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  • The Little Mermaid Bedtime Story:


This story was inspired by Disney’s classic animated film “The Little Mermaid.” It tells the tale of a mermaid named Ariel who falls in love with Prince Eric, a handsome human prince. She wants to marry him so that he will take her home to live with his people on land. But when she learns that humans cannot return to the sea, she decides to become human herself.

One day, Eric was playing with his toys when he heard a voice calling him. He looked up and saw a beautiful mermaid named Ariel. He sees her beautiful singing voice and asks her to sing for him. After hearing her song, he falls in love with her and promises to take her back to his kingdom.

Once Ariel has been rescued by Prince Eric, she becomes his servant. She works hard to please him and eventually wins his heart.

After being rescued by Prince Eric, Ariel becomes his servant. She learns how to cook, clean, sew, and do other household chores. Eventually, she earns enough money to buy herself a beautiful gown. She goes to the ball with Prince Eric and meets King Triton. He asks her to marry him, and she accepts. Ariel and Triton live happily ever after.

  • The Intelligent Merchant Bedtime Story:


The Intelligent Merchant Story for toddlers is an animated story about a young boy who wants to be a merchant. He sets out on his journey to become one.
This story is designed to teach a toddler about money and how to manage it wisely. It also teaches them about the importance of saving and investing.

In the beginning, the boy has no idea what he will do with his earnings. He decides to save some of his earnings so that he can buy a house when he grows up. As he continues along his journey, he encounters many obstacles and challenges. He even gets into trouble at school because he spends too much money. However, he manages to overcome these challenges and learn valuable lessons along the way.
The boy eventually becomes a successful merchant. His hard work pays off as he buys a beautiful home for himself and his family.

  • Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow Story:


In the year 1130, King Richard I was on his way back from the Holy Land when he stopped off at Nottingham Castle. He had been away for over two years and was tired and hungry.
The king was so hungry that he ate a piece of bread and drank a cup of wine. Then he fell asleep in front of the fire. While he slept, an arrow pierced his eye and killed him instantly.
When he arrived, he found that the castle was under siege by the Sheriff of Nottingham. The sheriff had taken control of the town and was holding it against the king’s orders.
The sheriff wanted to keep the money that the king had sent to pay for his troops. So he took the gold coins that were stored in the castle treasury and gave them to the people who supported him. This made the people angry because they thought that the king was trying to take their money. They decided to fight back.

  • The Three Billy Goats Gruff Story:


In this story, three little goats go out into the world to find food. They meet an old man who tells them that he has been watching them since they were born. He says that one day, he will give each goat a gift. If the first goat does not return home by sunset, the second goat must take his place. If the second goat fails to return home by sunrise, then the third goat must take his place as well.

  • The Gingerbread Man Story:


The first goat runs away because he wants to eat some gingerbread. The second goat returns home safely, but the third goat goes out into the world again. This time, he meets a wise owl who gives him a magic hat. As soon as the sun sets, the hat turns into a pumpkin. The next morning, the goat wakes up with a big smile on his face. He realizes that he was able to sleep peacefully because he had a good night’s rest.

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  • Aladdin and the Magic Lamp Story:


Aladdin was a poor boy who lived in a cave. One day he found an old lamp and rubbed it. A genie appeared and granted him three wishes.
Aladdin wished for riches, power, and love. The genie gave him all three things. He became rich, powerful, and married Princess Jasmine. He wished for riches beyond his wildest dreams, then asked for a beautiful princess to marry. Finally, he asked for a magic lamp so that when he rubbed it, he could summon up whatever he wanted.

The genie granted his wish and Aladdin went home with the lamp. He rubbed it and out came a Genie. “I am here to grant you one more wish,” said the Genie. “What would you like?” Aladdin replied, “I want to go back to my own country. I want to see my family again.” The Genie responded, “You can return to your own country, but you will never see your family again. You must travel far away and leave everything behind.” Aladdin begged the Genie not to take him away from his family. “If you do not wish to leave them, then you cannot return to your own country.” The Genie told Aladdin that he had only two choices: either stay where he was or leave forever. Aladdin chose to leave forever.

  • Jack and the Beanstalk Story:


A young boy named Jack wanted to go to the fair one day. His mother told him not to go, but he went anyway. While at the fair, he met an old woman who gave him a beanstalk. She said that if he climbed the beanstalk, he would find a giant’s castle. Jack climbed the beanstalk and found the giant’s castle. Inside the castle, there were three bags of gold coins. Jack took two bags of gold coins and ran back down the beanstalk. On his way down, he saw a cow eating grass. He asked her where she got the food. The cow replied, “I ate the other two bags of gold coins.” Jack realized that he should share what he had found with others. So, he shared the remaining bag of gold coins with the cow.

  • The Ant and the Grasshopper Story:


In this story, an ant works diligently all summer long, building his house while other ants live in luxury. The grasshopper laughed at the ant. But the ant ignored that and was working hard to build the house.
When winter comes, the grasshopper has stored food for himself, while the ant has nothing. The grasshopper thinks he will have a great time during the winter. “I am going to enjoy myself now,” thought the Grasshopper. He went out into the fields and ate some delicious food. Then he lay down under a tree and fell asleep.
But when spring comes, the grasshopper has no food or shelter. The grasshopper returns to find that the ant has built a much larger and more luxurious home than before. He asks why the ant didn’t share with him what he had done. The ant explains that he was too busy enjoying life to worry about sharing. The helpless grasshopper came to the ant’s house and pleaded for shelter. The ant came along and said, “Let me help you. I will carry some food back to my nest for you.” And so the ant carried some food back to his home.

Now, the grasshopper understood the value of hard work.

  • The Dog and Elephant Story:


The Dog and Elephant Story is a fun way to introduce children to the concept of empathy. It helps teach children that we all share similar feelings and needs, even though we look different.
Jack’s family goes on a trip to visit his grandparents. While there, he meets two new friends – a dog and an elephant. They have lots of fun together, but when they return home, Jack’s parents tell him that they’re going to get rid of their pets. Jack feels sad because he misses his dogs and elephants. He also feels angry at his parents for making such a decision without asking him first. He decides to write a letter to them explaining why he wants them back.
Jack doesn’t like this idea at all, so he decides to try to convince them otherwise. He tells his parents about how much fun it was having these animals around, and how important they were to him. His parents listen to what he has
This story teaches kids that sometimes we need to take a stand for something we believe in. It also shows children that even though our feelings might not make sense right now, we should still follow through with our beliefs.

  • The Hungry Mouse Story:


The Hungry Mouse Story for Kids is a fun story that teaches children how to overcome obstacles in life. This story teaches children that even when things seem hopeless, we should never give up hope. It also encourages kids to think creatively and use their imagination to solve problems. It also helps teach children about the importance of eating nutritious food. In this story, the main character learns about friendship, teamwork, and kindness.

A hungry mouse finds a hole in his house and falls down inside. He gets stuck there and has no way out. But he doesn’t give up! So he goes back to look for more food. But this time he gets stuck in a maze with lots of traps. Will the hungry mouse find his way out?

This time he finds it, but when he tries to eat it, he discovers that it’s too big! So he goes back again and this time he finds something smaller. But when he tries to eat that, he discovers that it isn’t enough either. So he keeps going until finally he finds what he really wants – a piece of cheese just right for him.

The hungry mouse tries again and again to escape the maze. Each time he gets caught by one of the traps. Finally, after trying for a very long time, he finds a way out.

  • The Unexpected Rock Story For Kids


In this story, the main character, a rock named “Rocky”, has been living on Earth for many years. He loves music and dreams of becoming a famous musician. Rocky is an ordinary rock that lives in a cave on Earth. One day he hears a strange sound coming from outside his cave. Curious, he goes to investigate.

One day, Rocky meets an alien who tells him about a planet called “Earth 2” where people live in peace. Rocky decides to go to Earth 2 and meet his friends there. But when he arrives, he finds out that it’s actually Earth 1! Rocky learns that humans have forgotten their true origins and they don’t know how to use their powers. They also don’t know what happened to their parents or why they were born. Rocky helps them find their memories and learn how to use their powers again.

This story is about how we should treat each other with respect and kindness. It teaches children that everyone deserves love and support.

  • The Mermaid and the Boy Story


In the beginning, there was only one boy and one girl. They were both very happy because they had each other. One day, the boy went out fishing and he caught a fish. He brought it home and showed his mother. She said she would cook it for dinner. After dinner, the boy took the fish outside and threw it into the water. Then, he saw a little mermaid swimming by. “Oh!” he thought, “I wish I could talk to her.” So, he called out to her, “Hello! Hello!” The mermaid swam up to him and asked what he wanted. The boy told her he wished he could talk to her. The mermaid said, “You can talk to me anytime.” And then, she gave him a gift. She taught him how to swim so he could go wherever he wanted.

One day, the mermaid was swimming along when she saw a boy playing in the water. He looked sad, so she decided to help him. She told him that she would teach him how to swim so he didn’t die. Then, she gave him a gift. She said that every time he wanted to talk to her, all he had to do was say, “Hello!” And then she would answer. They became best friends. This bedtime story for kids and toddlers tell us how to become friends.

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Benefits Of Bedtime Stories For Toddlers & Kids

There are many benefits of reading bedtime stories to children. Read more about them here!

Children Learn To Love Reading And Storytelling.

Children learn to love reading and storytelling by listening to bedtime stories. It’s a wonderful bonding activity between parent and child.

They Develop A Sense Of Responsibility.

Reading bedtime stories helps develop a sense of responsibility in children. This is because they need to understand that what happens after bedtime has consequences.

They Learn About The World Around Them.

Children who read bedtime stories learn about the world around them. They also learn how to behave appropriately in different situations.

They Learn To Be More Patient.

Reading bedtime stories helps kids develop patience. It teaches them to wait patiently for things to happen. This skill will help them as they become adults.

They Learn To Take Care Of Themselves.

Children who read bedtime stories also learn how to take care of themselves. They learn to brush their teeth, wash their hands, and put on clean clothes before going to sleep. These skills will help them when they go out into the world.

Kids love to hear stories at bedtime. They’re fun, relaxing, and offer an opportunity to bond with your child. But there are also plenty of reasons why parents should read bedtime stories to their kids. Here are just a few of them.


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