100+ Pretty And Beautiful Baby Girl Names

Congratulations on blessing a beautiful baby girl. As soon as you get pregnant the very first thing that comes to your mind is what to name your baby. You will always be flooded with a number of suggestions around you. It really requires a lot of effort and time to select a beautiful name for your pretty girl or the name means beautiful.

Let us have a look at an exhaustive list of beautiful girl names with meanings for your little princess.

Baby Names That Mean ‘Beautiful’ And ‘Pretty’:

If you are looking for a name meaning is beautiful or pretty, this is the right place that you have landed up. Read below to know the names.

S. No. Beautiful Baby Names Meaning
1 Rosalind Pretty rose
2 Venus Goddess of beauty
3 Ella Beautiful fairy
4 Ava An Amazing girl
5 Jamilla beautiful, graceful
6 Isa Beautiful
7 Iowa Beautiful land
8 Keva Beautiful child
9 Linda Pretty
10 Lillie Purity, beauty
11 Rachel Beautiful
12 Naina Beautiful eyed
13 Tanvi Beautiful, Delicate
14 Shuba Morning, Beautiful
15 Zeena Ornament, Something beautiful
16 Haneesha Beautiful night
17 Anshika Minute particle, Beautiful
18 Sabiha Beautiful
19 Swarupa Truth
20 Hashna Pretty, beautiful, laughing
21 Myreen Bright and beautiful
22 Shreya Beautiful, auspicious
23 Vashti Lovely, Beautiful

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Beautiful English Girl Names

If you’re looking for a serene-sounding name for your daughter, Here are some beautiful and cute names for your little one.

S. No. Pretty Baby Names Meaning
24 Acacia Honorable, Guileless
25 Aimee A beloved friend
26 Aria Air
27 Isabella Devoted to God
28 Mia Wished for a child, rebellion
29 Elora Is a variant of Elenora and Laura
30 Giselle Hostage, Pledge
31 Helen Shining light
32 Isla Name of two Scottish river
33 Jayla One who is special
34 Kiera Little dark one
35 Lottie Tiny, Feminine
36 Marnie Rejoice, Of the sea
37 Primrose First Rose
38 Quinn Wisdom, Reason, and Intelligence
39 Ruth Companion, Vision of beauty
40 Saffron A name of a flower

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Pretty Indian Baby Girl Names

Here are the names for your little ‘Bachcha’ that are not only pretty but also easy to pronounce by anyone. Usually, these names are used as the first name for a baby girl in India.

S. No. Pretty Indian Baby Names Meaning
41 Avantika Queen
42 Dhara Constant flow
43 Swara Self-shining
44 Sahara Dawn
45 Suraksha Safety
46 Yashita Successful
47 Aradhya Regard
48 Namya Worthy of honor
49 Chinmayi Spiritual joy
50 Sahasra A new beginning, Thousand
51 Dhanishta A movable star
52 Nakshtra Star
53 Sahitya Literature or lyrics
54 Sathya Truth
55 Harshitha Full of joy
56 Sara Princess

Beautiful Middle Names

Many parents are wondered to name her with the beautiful middle names. Let us look at the pretty middle names that mean beautiful.

S. No. Beautiful Middle Names Meaning
57 Rose Sweet, pure, and beautiful
58 Bree Strong, full of virtue
59 Aryn The enlightened one, a messenger
60 Kathryn Pure
61 Blair One who dwells in the plains
62 Jane God is gracious
63 Merle Blackbird
64 Alice Truthful, noble
65 Caprice Whimsical
66 Ellice One who is consecrated to the god
67 Amna Peace, desire, safety
68 Barkha Rain
69 Akshita Permanent
70 Alekhya Painting
71 Bavishni One who has a future
72 Alisha Noble
73 Aahna Exist
74 Charu Attractive
75 Ananya Unique
76 Chahna Love
77 Fulki Spark
78 Kaia Stable
79 Kashvi Shining
80 Lasya Dance
81 Nisha Night
82 Rajani Night
83 Ruhi Soul
84 Saachi Truth
85 Taara Star
86 Tahira Modest
87 Zaina Beautiful
88 Zahira Shining
89 Aakriti Shape
90 Aashi Smile
91 Aditi Freedom, security

Beautiful Greek Names

You leave no stone unturned to choose the right name for your little princess, a name that your daughter can be proud of. Let us see the list of such names.

S. No. Beautiful Greek Names Meaning
92 Calliope The muse of poetry
93 Iasonas Healer
94 Phaedra Bright
95 Alexis Strong
96 Agatha Good, kind
97 Atalanta Strong
98 Athena Goddess of wisdom
99 Aura Goddess of the breeze
100 Chloe Strong and sweet
101 Effie Happiness, well
102 Hera Goddess of women
103 Irene Gentle
104 Phoebe Goddess of the hunt and wilderness
105 Rhea Powerful Olympian gods
106 Thalia To flourish and bloom

A few names in the above list are picked up from the US Social Security Administration list that is published every year. The others are some unique names. The names have special meanings for your special one. Hope the list is helpful. Let us know what is your beautiful daughter’s name. Also, let us know what name you have selected from our list.


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