100+ Modern And Unique Christian Baby Girl Names

All parents wish to choose a unique and modern name for their little girl. Before finalizing a name, they will have a number of options. Selecting one among many options is really a big task for them. Here we have listed the beautiful, unique, popular, and modern Christian baby girl names with meanings. Before that, let us have a look at what are the things that we need to consider to choose a unique name for the little angel.

Most Popular Names Of Christian Baby Girl Names:

As per Social Security Administration top baby girl names are:

  1. Olivia
  2. Emma
  3. Charlotte
  4. Amelia
  5. Sophia
  6. Isabella
  7. Ava
  8. Mia
  9. Evelyn
  10. Luna

Tips For Choosing The Best Christian Name For your Baby Girl

  • Keeping combination of your family name or ancestral name is a good idea.
  • Choose a name that sounds good to hear and easy to pronounce, so that anybody can easily say your daughter’s name without any wrong pronunciation.
  • Naming your baby with a celebrity name or celebrity’s daughter’s name is a trend.
  • If you have any person inspired you a lot or supported or helped or any person that you want to remember for life long, then try to have that name or atleast starting letters in your baby girl’s name. This will give you a lot of satisfaction.
  • Make sure the name is going well with the surname.
  • Matching name with mother name’s first letter or father name’s first letter, is a good idea.

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List Of 100+ Christian Baby Girl Names:

Here is the list of cute and beautiful biblical names for girls with meanings.

Christian baby girl names that starts with A:

Abigail – Cause of joy or father’s joy

Ada – Graceful and Noble

Adah – An assembly

Adina – Delicate

Adriel – Flock of God

Aiva – Variant of the Feminine Name Ava

Alarice – Ruler of All

Alda – Rich

Alexandra – Helper of Mankind

Alina – Fair

Alison – Of Sacred Fame

Amora – Love

Ashi – Night, Happy, Peaceful, Love, Affection, Stars of Sky, Smile, Beauty, Blessing

Atarah – Crown

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Biblical girl names that starts with B:

Bess – Consecrated to God

Beth – Worshiper of God

Bettina – Consecrated to God

Beverly – From a Beaver Meadow

Bianca – White

Blanche – White or Fair

Blessy – Blessing

Brielle – Of God

Britta – Swedish for strong

Christian baby girl names that starts with C:

Celeste – Heavenly

Charlene – Small Beauty

Chelsea – Landing place or port, Seaport. place name

Chloe – Green herb

Cora – Greek for maiden

Biblical baby girl names that starts with D:

Davina – For cherished

Delaney – Descendant of the challenger

Delilah – Delicate

Dinah – Judgement

Dolie – Beautiful; Doll-like

Dominica – The Lord’s

Dominique – Belonging to God

Donna – Lady or Mistress

Doris – Of the Sea

Drucilla – Dewey Eyes

Christian baby girl names that starts with E:

Echo – Return of Sound

Eadda – Wealthy

Eartha – Earthy

Elisha – The Salvation of God

Earna – Eagle

Eunice – Good victory

Eve  – Life

Biblical baby girl names that starts with F:

Faedra – For bright

Farah – Arabic for joy

Faith – Faith

Faina – Happy

Fanchon – Free

Frances – Free one

Christian baby girl names that starts with G:

Gabriella – Devoted to God

Gada – Lucky

Gaho – Mother

Gail – Merry

Gafna – Vine

Grace – Goodness, Generosity

Biblical baby girl names that starts with H:

Harlyn – Grey land

Hadasa – The myrtle tree

Hannah – Favor, Grace

Hartley – Deer meadow

Happy – Happy

Hava – Life

Christian baby girl names that starts with I:

Isadora – For feminine

Isabelle – God is my oath

Iris – Rainbow

Ivanna – God is gracious

Christian girl names that starts with J:

Jael – One who ascends

Jenita – Variation of Jenny which is a diminutive of Jane and Jennifer

Jennifer – Fair one; Pure and yielding; White wave

Joslyn – Cheerful

Biblical baby girl names that starts with K:

Kaara – One who is pure

Katherine – Pure

Kachina – Spirit

Kadence – Rhythm

Christian baby girl names that starts with L:

Laura – Laurel leaves; symbol of honor; victory

Lillian – Elegant flower

Linda – Pretty

Lois – Better

Christian baby girl names that starts with M:

Mireya – Admired

Mona – Little noble one, Solitary, Single, Wish

Madge – Pearl

Maria – Bitter

Maaya – The great one

Myra – Beloved, Star of the sea

Biblical baby girl names that starts with N:

Nitzana – Blossom

Nadie – Wise

Namid – Star dancer

Naava – Pleasant

Nakkia – Pure

Catholic baby girl name that starts with O:

Olivia – Symbol of peace

Olive – Olive

Olivette – Elf army

Oksanna – Hospitality

Christian girl names that starts with P:

Presley – Priest’s meadow

Pricilla – Ancient

Paloma – Dove

Pansy – A Thought

Pamuy – Water Moon

Catholic baby girl names that starts with Q:

Quinn – Wise

Queenie – Queen

Quenby – Queen’scastle

Quenna – A form of queen

Christian baby girl names that starts with R:

Rapheala – Divine Healer

Raaya – A Beloved friend

Rachel – Sheep

Raaina – A Queenly woman

Christian baby girl names that starts with S:

Sarai – My princess

Saraa – A princess and lady

Salena – Moon

Sapphire – Precious gem

Sabra – Thorny cactus and to rest

Selah – Rock or Boulder

Christian baby girl names that starts with T:

Tabetha – Beauty and grace

Talia – Blooming

Tabitha – Gazelle

Tabby – A familiar form of Tabitha

Tammera – A spice or palm tree

Catholic girl baby names that starts with U:

Ulani – Cheerful

Ulyssa – Walker

Ulryca – Ruler of all

Christian girl baby names that starts with V:

Valerie – Powerful

Violet – Flower

Virginnia – One who is chaste ; virginal

Vitomira – Female of Vitomir, meaning lord of the peaceful world.

Viviane – Alive

Viviann – Lively woman

Christian girl names that starts with W:

Wenda – Signifies fair

Wendi – One who is fair ; of the white ring

Whaley – Whale meadow

Biblical girl baby names that starts with X:

Xaviera – New house

Xena – Foreigner

Xenia – Welcoming

Ximena – Listening2

Ximenna – A heroine

Catholic girl names that starts with Y:

Yollanda – Resembling the violet flower

Yomawu – To honor the name of the God

Yoninah – Dove

Yovela – Full of joy

Ysabell – My god is bountiful ; god

Yuliana – Down-bearded youth

Yuneka – A priceless gift

Christian girl baby names that starts with Z:

Zaira – Princess

Zana – A form of zanna

Zanaa – White lily

Zandra – Defending men

Zanele – One who is affluent

Zaneta – God’s gracious gift

Zanna – A short form of susanna

Zantina – One who is a great devotee

Zara – Dawn, princess

Zarra – Dawn , princess

Zarrah – The day’s awakening

Zarria – Blossom

Zavrina – A form of sabrina

Zaylee – A heavenly woman

Zaza – Movement, flowery

Zeena – Hospitable

Zehava – Golden

Zelene – Sunshine

Zelimirka – One who desires.

Zella – Little marcus

Zelsana – Blessed with success

Zemirah – Song of joy

Zena – Life and zeus

Zephrine – Breeze

Zuri – Beautiful

Christian Baby Girl Names – FAQs

What makes a baby name “Christian”?

This question addresses the criteria that qualify a name as Christian and how it may be linked to biblical references or religious significance.

Are all the names in the list traditional and well-known Christian names?

Yes, the list includes classic and modern Christian names.

Can I find Christian baby girl names with modern appeal?

This question aims to know if the article includes names that reflect current naming trends while still holding Christian significance.

Are the names accompanied by their meanings and origins?

This FAQ addresses whether the article provides explanations of the meanings and possible biblical or historical origins of each name.

Can I choose a name based on its biblical connection alone?

This question explores whether names listed in the article are suitable for parents who prioritize names with direct biblical references.

Are there nature-inspired Christian baby girl names in the list?

Here, readers inquire about the presence of names inspired by natural elements like flowers or celestial bodies.

Are the names suitable for multicultural families or different Christian denominations?

This question addresses the inclusivity of the names listed, considering various Christian traditions and cultural backgrounds.

How can I ensure the name I choose has a positive and meaningful connotation?

This question seeks guidance on selecting a name with a favorable and significant meaning for the child’s future.

Will I find names that represent Christian virtues or concepts?

Here, readers inquire about the presence of names that embody virtues such as Faith, Grace, or Joy.

Can I use a unique and uncommon Christian baby girl name?

This question addresses the variety of names listed, including those that are less common but still hold Christian significance.

Are there names with international origins that are still considered Christian?

Readers may want to know if the article includes names from different cultures that align with Christian beliefs.

How do I choose the perfect name from the extensive list of options?

This question explores methods for narrowing down the choices and finding the name that best suits the parents’ preferences and values.

What if I’m looking for a name that symbolizes strength and empowerment?

Yes, the list includes all.

Can I use one of these names as a middle name instead?

Yes. This question explores the possibility of using a name from the list as a middle name to complement the first name chosen by the parents.

Are there names that work well in modern and traditional settings?

Readers may ask if the names listed have a versatile appeal suitable for both contemporary and more traditional contexts.

How can I ensure the name I choose resonates with our family’s Christian faith?

This question seeks advice on selecting a name that holds personal meaning and reflects the family’s spiritual beliefs.

Are the names easy to pronounce and spell?

Here, readers inquire about the simplicity and accessibility of the names for everyday use.

Can I find gender-neutral or unisex Christian baby names in the article?

Yes, the list is the inclusion of names that can be used for both baby girls and boys.

In the quest to find the perfect name for their little bundle of joy, Christian parents are often guided by deep spiritual values and the desire to instill faith from the very beginning. In this article, we have presented a diverse and extensive list of 100+ modern and unique Christian baby girl names, catering to a wide range of preferences and beliefs within the Christian community.

Hope you liked the names. If you have named your daughter from the list of above names, please do comment below!