Teenage Growth Spurts – Causes, Symptoms And Tips

Both girls and boys experience the teenage growth spurts. Girls enter into puberty at the age of seven but will have fast growth at around 10.5 years age. Boys enter into puberty at eight and they grow between the ages of fourteen and fifteen the fastest. Usually, girls will complete their growth spurt at 18 or 19 years whereas boys complete their growth spurt at around 20 to 22 years old. Let us go into the details about causes of growth spurts in teenagers and their signs and symptoms.

Growth Spurts In Teenagers:

  • First, teenagers will experience growth in their hands and feet.
  • Then arms and legs will grow longer.
  • Next spine lengthens and then shoulders and chest broadens for boys and pelvis and hips widens for girls.
  • Teenager’s height grows faster but the brain is unable to ascertain the correct way to balance their body, which causes them to become clumsy.

Causes Of Teenage Growth Spurts

If your teenager starts experiencing fast growth, that means he is in his puberty. The growth is triggered by an increase in estrogen for girls and testosterone for boys. There is a belief that the connection between extreme growth and puberty in adolescents is extremely strong.

Signs And Symptoms Of Teenage Growth Spurts:

Here are the visible signs of Growth spurts in teen boys and girls.

  • Clothes will start to get small, appear to be tighter around the waist.
  • Shoes And Rings no longer fitted
  • Easily notice the bigger joints and bones
  • Sleeps more than usual
  • Body odour so strong
  • Huge appetite during early to mid puberty
  • Voice may “crack” or “Break”
  • Acne related problems due to overproduction of hormones
  • Weight gain

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Does Growth Spurts Affect Teenagers?

  • Research says that teenagers require more sleep during their puberty time. So their body performs the necessary work required for their rapid growth.
  • Clumsiness will be part of this as they have faster growth in their arms and legs at this time.
  • They may have a worry that they are not growing like their peers.
  • Teen girls will be more sensitive about their weight gain.
  • Teens will start maintaining distance from parents.

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Tips For Your Teens During Growth Spurts:

  • Make sure that your teen is not skipping their meals, give them healthy food, which is very important at this time.
  • Encourage your teen girl or boy to be active physically.
  • Give some freedom to your adolescent to manage their eating things themselves.
  • Do not force them to just follow you, let them make their own things out of your suggestions.
  • Never compare your teenager with their peers.
  • Make sure they have adequate sleep.
  • Do not get impatient if your teen is spending much time grooming.

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Should You Consult A Doctor For Teenage Growth Spurt?

During puberty, teens  will have a rapid growth in height. However, if you are worried about your adolescent’s development, consult a doctor. Your teen may not be willing to visit the doctor, but do not give up until you win!

The doctor may check the growth chart, Body Mass Index and the body composition analysis of your teen and recommends the required things to be done.

As a parent, if the development is not happening, you will be worried. But do not panic and consult the doctor. Give him healthy food, get physical activities done regularly and get enough sleep. Do share your experiences with your teenager’s growth spurts in the comment section below.


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