How To Grow Teenage Facial Hair Fast?

During puberty, generally teenagers want to be like a man and try to act like a man. A teenager thinks that the beard will enhance his personality. There are a lot many changes in his way of thinking during this teenage. A physical change that is growth of facial hair very common to most teenage boys at this age. Let us see into detail about common teenage beard problems and how to grow the facial hair fast.

Common Teenage Beard Problems:

Let us look into the few problems that the teenagers face:

1) Slow Growth Of Teenage Beard: This is the first problem that every teenager faces. The main reason is their immature age. Few get enough beard because of hormonal problems.  But slow growth is common during teenage years.

2) Teenage Beard And Itching: If the teenager started beginning their beard at a moderate level, itching is common. Sometimes this is unbearable too!

3) Teenage Beard And Dandruff: Dandruff on the beard is another problem for teenagers. This problem is also known as beardruff. It causes serious irritation to the teens.

4) Teenage Beard And Beard Acne: Another problem of teenage beard is beard acne. It creates discomfort and irritation. Most of the teenagers face this acne problem. 

5) Teenage Beard And Dry Skin: Another annoyance due to teenage beard is that skin gets dry and flaky. This happens more in the cold weather.

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Tips To Grow The Facial Hair In Teenagers:

Here are the natural ways to make your beard and mustache grow faster, best tips for growing the facial hair for teens.

1) Always Clean The Face: Make sure you wash your face regularly with face wash.

2) Regular Trimming: Even if your facial hair just started, start trimming your beard and mustache regularly.

3) Exfoliate: Avoid breaking outs on your face by exfoliating twice in a week. This will help to remove the dead skin cells.

4) Follow Good Diet: Make sure you have enough good intake of vitamins in your food, this will help good hair growth and health too!

5) Beard Oils: Use the beard oils and creams to have good facial hair growth.

6) Water: Do not forget to drink enough water. This will help your body stay hydrated and healthy.

7) Sleep: Get enough sleep and minimize your daily stress, this will regulate hormones which promote healthy hair growth in teenagers.

8) Exercise: Exercising daily will help to reduce stress and produce testosterone which boosts hair growth in teens.

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9) Protein Intake: Have a good amount of protein intake in your diet. There are chances of growing facial hair in teens.

10) Massage: Massaging facial skin regularly will improve blood circulation and promote facial hair growth.

11) Eucalyptus: While buying a moisturizer or cleanser or any facial cream, check if that product contains eucalyptus. This will help your teen’s skin moisture and soft.

12) Patience: The key is to have patience. Everyone is unique. In few, it will start late and in few it will come fast and in a few, it will be normal depending upon your genes.

These facial hair tips will help keep your beard and mustache looking clean and healthy. These are also the best rules to follow in everyday life to promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle for teens.

If you tried something that helps to grow the facial hair faster in teens, please share with us!